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Is this awkward and elaborate kiss the new Ice Bucket Challenge?

Prepare yourselves.

SO MANY PEOPLE have been wondering what the next Ice Bucket Challenge is going to be, and it looks like we might have found it.

Named the #TwizzlerChallenge and designed to raise awareness for autism, this stunt sees two people take the American liquorice candy called Twizzlers and eat towards each other – ending with a slightly awkward kiss.

It has started being picked up by talk shows in the US

And you can sense the awkwardness

*covers eyes*

And the presenters have started tagging their friends in the challenge – exactly like the Ice Bucket challenge

The main problem with this, though, is that Twizzlers aren’t widely available in Ireland

Which might stop it spreading to the same extent as the Ice Bucket Challenge did for ALS last year

But still, you’ve now been warned that this might start popping up more and more on your various timelines.

Embrace it – and maybe try and come up with an Irish version (eh, Club Milk? Perhaps not).

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