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keynote scarf

The 13 greatest online reactions to the big Apple announcement

Oh, internet. Never change.

1. This entire #iPhone6Questions hashtag

2. This crucial summing-up of the two new iPhone sizes

3. This on-point reaction to the disastrous live stream

4. Even Denny’s taking the p*** out of the rubbish test card

5. All the reactions to this guy’s scarf

Which already has its own Twitter account:

And comes in all the colours of the iPhone.

6. Someone putting the excruciating Bono and Tim Cook finger-touch on an ET background

7. This guy who found the SECRET MESSAGE in the U2 announcement

And was delighted with himself.

8. This.

9. Also this.

10. All the people wishing for this new feature

11. And this one

12. Stephen Fry live-tweeting the whole thing from his seat, because he was there for some reason

13. And this.

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