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# Ariel

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# part of that world
This man's amazing Disney Princess transformations are going super viral on Instagram
Cartoons come to life.
# disgraceful
Ariel is going blonde in the remake of The Little Mermaid, and redheads are DISGUSTED
# top dad
This dad's sweet reaction to his son buying an Ariel doll is going viral
“How do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this? YEAH!”
# Nope
Disney are re-releasing the Little Mermaid, this time they've ruined it
The ‘second screen live’ experience sounds like a horror.
# instaprincess
If Disney princesses had Instagram...
…they would look like this.
# or do they?
Mermaids don't exist: official line from US government
…Or rather they say that there is “no evidence” that they exist. Which might mean that they just haven’t yet found the evidence…
# Settlements
Israel approves construction of 277 new homes in West Bank
A further 277 apartments in a Jewish settlement deep inside the West Bank have been approved for construction.
# West Bank Boycott
Israeli actors boycott West Bank settlement
57 Israeli actors and playwrights have refused to perform on the contested land of the West Bank.