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New rules for businesses who want to call their food 'artisan' or 'natural'
The guidelines aim to stop consumers being misled by marketing terms.
# (not) artisan
Artisan? Afraid not - McDonald's McMór has fallen foul of the Food Safety Authority
The chain’s new Irish ‘artisan’ burger can no longer be dubbed as such because it fails to meet regulatory requirements.
# mcnotions
McDonald's just confirmed a Ballymaloe relish and kale Irish artisan burger
And Charleville Cheddar!
# pornflakes
You can now pay €16 for a box of 'artisan' cornflakes
Burn this world.
# on the menu
Menu terms like "artisanal", "farmhouse" and "natural" now have to mean something
Chances are, you probably won’t know what those terms mean, other than the food will cost a couple of euro extra.
# What I learned
"We don't go to China for anything": Irish business owners on why they are successful
Modern technology offers would-be potters and artisans a golden opportunity to carve a niche for themselves.
# craft beer
(Micro)brewing up a storm: How Ireland's craft beers are making their mark
Away from the hustle and bustle of the St Patrick’s Day parade, a different type of celebration is set to take place – that of Ireland’s craft beers.