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You can now pay €16 for a box of 'artisan' cornflakes

Burn this world.

Source: Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors

CORNFLAKES. THE BREAKFAST of champions. Cheap, cheerful, pretty much impossible to mess with. Right?


A company called Mini Magoos are now selling ‘amazing’ cornflakes, handmade with all-organic ingredients. Here’s what they look like:

Source: mini_magoo

For an 860g pack – just larger than the standard supermarket size of 750g – they will set you back £10.95stg. That’s almost €16.

For comparison, the equivalent Tesco own-brand cornflakes cost €1.49. Less than one-tenth of the price.

Needless to say, the cornflakes are causing a bit of controversy.

At present, the cornflakes are only available in London. But let’s not get too confident. After all, anyone who’s too good for teabags can currently buy special ‘tea capsules’ at just €7.29 a small pack…

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