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# Astronomy Ireland

This year
West coast to have best views of partial solar eclipse in Ireland
Last year
The International Space Station will fly across Irish skies tonight
A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from Ireland tonight
'You'll never get the same picture twice': Wexford man captures Northern Lights from back garden
Rare 'super blue moon' will be visible this week for the last time until 2037
‘Celestial fireworks display’: Good viewing conditions forecast for Perseid Meteor Shower
A supermoon will be visible over Ireland across the next three nights
Larger and brighter 'supermoon' will be visible tonight and tomorrow
Venus will be visible next to the moon tonight
Spectacular auroral phenomenon seen at select spots across Ireland on Sunday night
Stargazers encouraged to look upwards for a view of the ‘Wolf Moon’
Moon and Mars to appear close to each other in night sky during rare 'conjunction' tonight
All time
All the planets in the solar system visible tonight and tomorrow night
Mars set to be visible next to the full moon tonight
Jupiter should be visibile tonight as it comes closest to Earth in 60 years
'Fireball' spotted crossing the sky over Ireland and UK last night likely to be space debris
'A lightning sort of brightness': This stunning shot of the Perseids was captured over Wexford
Clear spells to give Irish stargazers a glimpse of Perseids as annual meteor shower peaks
Everything you need to know about tonight's Flower Supermoon
Spooky skies: Rare blue moon to shine over Ireland on Halloween
Northern Lights visible from Ireland this week - and tonight's the best time to see them
Look out: Perseid meteor shower to peak over Irish skies from tonight
The best meteor shower of the year will be visible this week
'Now is the time to watch': The Neowise comet will be closest to Earth in the coming days
'The comet of the century' - NEOWISE comet is visible in Irish skies
A penumbral lunar eclipse is currently taking place and will be visible over Ireland this evening
'Green ball of fire' - A stunning green fireball lit up the Irish sky last night
Tonight's the night as Perseid meteor shower set to light up the skies in Ireland
Everything you need to know about viewing the 'super wolf blood moon' overnight
Irish stargazers will be able to view a rare 'super wolf blood moon' on Monday
Public invited to use Ireland's most powerful telescope to view the moon
Keep watch - the Northern Lights could be on display in Ireland's skies this weekend
Irish stargazers warned the moon may spoil tonight's meteor shower
The planet Venus will be getting very close to us tonight
Stargazers rejoice: There's another supermoon on the way
The supermoon is still over Ireland - here's how it looked last night
Look up: The supermoon is expected to last until Wednesday night
Look up - the Northern Lights could be on display in Ireland's skies tonight
Look out your window tonight - there's a special meteor shower due over Ireland
Keep an eye on the sky tonight for the first 'Strawberry moon' in 70 years