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Last week
19th November 2023 - 25th November 2023
Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald says she has no confidence in Garda Commissioner Drew Harris
There have been calls for politicians to return to the Dáil a day early.
'We are going to get them': Taoiseach to expedite CCTV and incitement to hatred legislation
‘We are going to get them,’ Varadkar said when speaking about those who caused violence on the streets of Dublin yesterday.
Lord Mayor of Dublin u-turns on decision to hold meeting with Israeli ambassador next week
The Lord Mayor has written to the Israeli ambassador to Ireland to cancel the meeting.
Minister to propose plan to deal with €4.2m invested in companies in illegal Israeli settlements
Millions of Euro of Irish taxpayers money is invested in companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine.
Explainer: What is Ireland's Triple Lock mechanism and why is the Govt planning to scrap it?
Micheál Martin made a major announcement today about a change in Ireland’s foreign policy.
Micheál Martin announces plan to get rid of triple lock which limits Irish military operations overseas
Martin said legislative proposals to govern the future overseas deployments of Irish soldiers is being prepared.
Varadkar: 'I’m not sure if the Israeli government listens to anyone anymore'
Taoiseach says Israel used to listen to the US, but he’s not sure that is the case anymore.
Up to one million graduates could be eligible to vote under Seanad election reform plan
Currently, six members of Seanad Eireann are elected by graduates from specified universities – which has been ruled unconstitutional.
Varadkar: 'We can’t continue to aid Palestine and trade with Israel in the way we've done in the past'
‘That’s going to have to change in some way,’ Varadkar told the Dáil.
This month
November 2023
'Don't let the populists in': Warnings of left-wing Govt tax hikes at FG conference
There were big questions being asked at the FG conference as ministers said they’re fighting for re-election to government.
Donohoe reiterates that €40m additional funding conditional on RTÉ reforms being implemented
RTÉ’s reform document committed to salary caps for the broadcasters’ top earners.
Varadkar not in favour of strict cut-off ages and restrictions for older drivers
The EU Commission proposes motorists over 70 may have to undergo regular medical tests and refresher courses.
Varadkar: 'If we want dangerous people locked up for a long time, we're going to need more prison spaces'
Taoiseach says government is examining giving judges more power around sentencing.
Fine Gael 'up for fighting' for a fourth term in government, says Coveney
In a rallying call to FG members, Coveney said next year will be a ‘watershed moment’ in Irish politics.
Govt can move ahead with short-term let register following EU decision
The Department of Tourism “can move ahead” with its legislation, it confirmed.
Politicians arguing in the Dáil and having a drink together after doesn't happen anymore, says Varadkar
Leo Varadkar says he has Mary Lou McDonald’s number and they often speak about Northern Ireland.
Heated Dáil exchanges as government accused of ‘double standards’ on Israel and Russia
Finance Minister Michael McGrath says the ICC is already carrying out an investigation into Israeli actions.
Expert group to examine the whole process around buying a house from bidding to probate
Leo Varadkar said some people are facing lots of delays buying a house.
Householders to pay 'small charge' on energy bills to pay for new floating gas storage ship
The location for the floating gas storage ship is yet to be decided.
David Norris, the longest-serving Senator in Ireland, to retire in January
Norris has served in the Seanad since 1987.
Government approves €56 million bailout for RTÉ, subject to conditions
The bailout includes €16 million already approved by the Government in this year’s budget.
RTE expected to cut 400 jobs under new cost-saving plans
Staff expect to be told that up to 400 non-compulsory redundancies could be sought.
Mixed views in SF about doing business with FF, but confidence in the air they can go it alone
As the party ventures into specifics and pledges, Sinn Féin knows nothing can be taken for granted.
'We’ll work hard to win your trust': McDonald says she wants to form a Govt without FF and FG
Mary Lou McDonald says her party will fix the housing crisis ‘once and for all’.
SF crowd chants 'free Palestine' as ambassador to Ireland receives rapturous applause at Ard Fheis
McDonald there is a growing view that the issue of sanctions and consequences for Israel has to be addressed.
Mary Lou McDonald rejects claim Sinn Féin is trying to silence media with legal actions
McDonald says politicians have a right vindicate their name through whatever mechanism they deem appropriate.
O’Neill tells party NI unionist majority is 'long gone’, says McDonald will be first female Taoiseach
The Sinn Féin Ard Fheis is taking place in Athlone this weekend.
Seán Quinn pens letter to TDs asking them to investigate Quinn group takeover
Quinn sent a four-page letter to members of the Oireachtas yesterday.
Varadkar on Braverman's NI 'hate march' comments: 'I'm not exactly sure what was meant'
Braverman said reports that organisers of an upcoming protest were linked to Hamas was “disturbingly reminiscent of Ulster”.
Ombudsman hits out at politicians suing journalists in wake of Sinn Féin TD's suit against Irish Times
Politicians who choose to sue rather than complain to her office should ask if it’s in the public interest, Ombudsman says.
Ceann Comhairle refuses Israeli ambassador request to show graphic footage of Hamas attack to politicians
The Ceann Comhairle said the screening would be inappropriate.
RTÉ offers Kelly-Forbes note to PAC provided it is not published or discussed in public session
It is understood that a number of PAC members are in favour of seeking powers of compellability.
Dáil votes to restrict advertising of vaping products and ban the sale to under 18s
Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says he wants to have the law in place ‘as soon as possible’.
Politicians suing newspapers and reporters 'designed to make journalists afraid' - Taoiseach
Varadkar says there are other ways to get redress and corrections such as going to the Press Council.
Revised law allowing night clubs open later going to Cabinet this month with summer 2024 target
The law allowing the consumption of alcohol in outdoor seating areas has been extended to 31 May 2024.
'We can't wait for Europe to get its act together': Taoiseach told Ireland must take action on Israel
A number of TDs urged Varadkar to follow up Ireland’s condemnation with strong actions.
Tánaiste asks China to use influence on Russia to end Ukraine invasion
Micheál Martin also doubled down on comments he gave some months ago which were critical of China.
Tough balancing act for Martin's China trip after strongly critical speech earlier this year
Micheál Martin is tasked with building diplomatic relations while not abandoning any of political statements he made five months ago.
Covid inquiry terms of reference to be ready 'soon enough', says minister
The Department of the Taoiseach is currently working on the plans.
Housing minister to meet European Commission next month over delays in Airbnb crackdown
The plan to bring 12,000 short-term let properties back into long-term use is delayed due a decision by the EU Commission.