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This year
Handling heartbreak: 'Rejection does not make you a reject, it just means they weren't for you'
Mark Fennell
Extract: 'I felt a kind of bereavement for the Mayo of my youth and my stories'
Colin Barrett
Ellen Keane: I used to want to be like everyone else but now I know my arm is my superpower
Ellen Keane
Last year
Gill Perdue: From Cagney and Lacey to Bad Sisters, strong female characters are a joy to watch
Gill Perdue
US literary icon Cormac McCarthy has died aged 89
Extract: 'My teacher gave me power with that small bundle of towel, flannel, and pants'
Dr Katriona O'Sullivan
Author: Building young adult fiction requires a set of strong characters
Sam Blake
'That is an urban myth': John Boyne claims he never had a spat with Auschwitz memorial museum
All time
Sri Lankan author Shehan Karunatilaka wins 2022 Booker Prize
'It felt like it was whispered to me every day': Donal Ryan on the unexpected genesis of his latest novel
Author: 'I knew those neo-Nazi classmates were living in a sort of oblivion of meaninglessness'
Conner Habib
Salman Rushdie's family say he has 'life-changing injuries' but his sense of humour is 'intact'
'How to murder your husband' writer found guilty of killing husband
Opinion: I look back at the surgery and trauma and ask myself - how did I get through it all?
Marguerite Penrose
Opinion: We don’t grant girls autonomy, but when we do, it’s because something is their fault
Catherine Prasifka
Opinion: 'There are few intergenerational battles as charged as the quest for the mobile phone'
Eithne Shortall
Tributes paid to author and journalist Colm Keane, who has died aged 70
Author Alice Sebold apologises to man wrongly jailed for raping her
Neflix acquires the whole works of Roald Dahl
The Worst Witch author Jill Murphy dies aged 72
The Irish Read: A short story from Philip Ó Ceallaigh's new collection, Trouble
Opinion: I had fun jobs, crap jobs, redundancies, got fired - and then I wrote my first book
Lizzy Dent
Roddy Doyle: 'My books stop being about me the minute I start writing'
Donal Ryan: 'When I became aware of the darkness in the world, I was so shocked'
What if Hillary Rodham had never married Bill Clinton? A new novel imagines the results
Writing in the #MeToo era: 'It was intimidating taking on something in fiction that was happening in real time'
Eimear McBride: 'The amount of 'she's not a genius, she's a very naughty girl' I've got is just ridiculous'
Anne Enright: 'Pre-Trump, if you had a problem it was your problem. That's another head-wreck'
These are the Irish novels to look out for in early 2020
Best-selling author Lee Child is applying for Irish passport because of Brexit
A short story before bedtime: Bluebell Meadow by Benedict Kiely
Benedict Kiely
Jared Diamond: 'It would be imprudent for Ireland to give itself over to self-pity and hatred from the past'
Opinion: 'Children need to learn about LGBT issues in school - it will reassure them and combat fear'
Robin Stevens
The Rebellion against Modern Football: Conifa, unrecognised nations and celebrating the grassroots
Opinion: 'Why do we like reading about crime so much in Ireland? Because it offers escapism'
Sam Blake
Author John Boyne on the night he took 'too many pills' after break-up
This epic novel explores Ireland's history during a century of hurt and shame
Children's book award drops Laura Ingalls Wilder's name over racist content
By day, John Shevlin makes hats, but once a year he transforms into James Joyce
Patrick McCabe: 'There's a danger there's a tolerance of worthiness and political correctness in fiction that I find unattractive'