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7 essential facts about best before dates on food
We’re all obsessed with checking them, but how accurate are they?
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Poll: Do you use food after the expiry date?
A lot of supermarket bosses say they regularly ignore food expiry dates. Do you?
# best before
Would you shop in a store for expired food?
A pilot project in the States wants to convert fruit and veg just past their ‘best before’ date into healthy and cheap takeaways. Would that work here?
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Want to cut food waste? Check the dates, says safefood
New research by safefood shows that almost a third of consumers believe ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates on food labels mean the same thing.
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Almost half of people ignore use-by dates
A third of people said that they ignore use-by dates as long as the food looks and smells ‘okay’.