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February 2024
Opinion: The Hen Harrier is the canary in the coal mine for upland biodiversity in Ireland
This year
Largest Special Protection Area for seabirds announced off the coast of Wexford
Last year
Puffins leaving Skellig Michael a few days early 'not a cause for concern'
Tracking project aims to solve mystery of where Irish cuckoos migrate to in winter months
150 years after they became extinct in Ireland, ospreys to be reintroduced this summer
Osprey birds expected to be reintroduced to Irish skies this summer
Public reminded not to cut hedges from today to protect nesting birds
All time
Fossil ‘overturns more than a century of knowledge about origin of modern birds’
BirdWatch Ireland calls for reports of invasive parrot species after sightings in Dublin park
Flamingos and penguins among birds taken inside at Dublin Zoo, Fota Wildlife and Belfast Zoo
Northern Ireland experiencing ‘largest ever’ avian flu outbreak
Plastic found in thousands of seabird nests across Europe 'poses a threat'
Why are seagulls so loud right now - and can anything be done about it?
Quiz: How much do you know about cuckoos and vultures?
Quiz: How much do you know about swallows?
Almost 50% increase in Irish birds on endangered list following 'alarming' population declines
Australia plans to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific from the US
Foxes and crows may need to be culled to protect ground-nesting birds, study suggests
Conservationists slam 'horrific and illegal' mass poisoning of buzzards in Co Cork
Extract: 'Birds are vessels for a lasting happiness that can be hard to find in other avenues of life'
Nesting boxes for swifts being installed at revamped Leinster House
Climate change happening faster than many animals can adapt, study finds
Quiz: Native Irish bird species are in decline - test your knowledge on them before they disappear
Irish bird numbers 'dramatically' declining with some species facing extinction
This deserted island is up for grabs at €1.25m - and some people think the government should buy it
This little brown duck was once thought to be extinct - now, its been released back into the wild
Gannets on Little Skellig are using plastic to build their nests
These are the best places in the world to go birdwatching
Appeal for help after a dozen exotic birds escaped Dublin aviary during Storm Emma
Birds may learn new songs in similar way to how children learn new language
'Ireland makes headlines in Norway when a white-tailed eagle is killed here'
Endangered bird found dead with gunshot wounds in Co Down
Australia: Plane makes emergency landing after flock of birds sucked into its engine
Shape of bird eggs related to their ability to fly - study
7,000 year old penguin poo reveals volcanic eruptions almost wiped out Antarctic sea bird colony
New plan to stop extinction of corncrake in Ireland
All birds at Dublin Zoo have been moved indoors over flu threat
Poultry owners warned to keep their birds indoors
Peregrine falcon found dead at Dalkey Quarry
Wealthy hunters are giving thousands of killed birds to food banks in Britain