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US cancer patient developed 'uncontrollable' Irish accent despite having never visited Ireland
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Over 200 health journals unite in calling for urgent action on climate change
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Social distancing rules for Covid-19 are based on outdated science, researchers argue
Women who are pregnant or trying for a baby should avoid caffeine altogether, research suggests
Drug backed by Donald Trump does not help treat Covid-19, according to new research
'Unprecedented' rise in infant mortality in England linked to poverty
Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day after all
Smoking and diabetes have a greater impact on heart attack risk in women than men - study
Study finds possible link between cancer and ultra-processed foods like TV dinners
Migraine associated with heart attack, stroke, blood clots and irregular heart rate
Smoking one cigarette a day instead of 20 'just halves your risk of a heart attack'
Holding your nose and closing your mouth while you sneeze is a very bad idea
Man developed chronic hepatitis after drinking 4-5 energy drinks a day for 3 weeks
Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries and internal bleeding, doctors warn
Patients should be advised 'to stop treatment when they feel better' instead of full antibiotics course
Common painkillers linked to increased risk of heart attack - study
Belief that saturated fat clogs arteries is 'just plain wrong'
Children who spend more time on phones and tablets are 'more likely to develop diabetes'
Study shows shift work and physically demanding jobs may lower women's fertility
Irish doctors find unusual 'violent trauma' injury in young rugby players
Female students are now drinking more than male students
Heart attacks are hard to diagnose in women, but this test could change that
Doctor criticised after saying cancer is 'the best way to die'
It's official, science says men are idiots
Are you on shift work? It could increase your risk of diabetes
Eating too much red meat could increase your risk of breast cancer
The Sun's breast check campaign could actually harm women, warns doctor
Shift work increases the risk of heart problems
Sleeping tablets 'increase risk of cancer and death'