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Camera that caught Hancock embrace disabled but security questions remain
The issue was raised in the Commons, where Speaker Lindsay Hoyle announced a review of security measures.
Bus driver, who lost job after requesting CCTV which showed him on phone while driving, reinstated
The man had requested the footage in order to prove he had been verbally abused by a manager.
No jail time for man who put camera in Starbucks toilet
A member of the public spotted the device last month and alerted the police.
Simple expert tips on how to make the most of your phone's camera
This week, we’re all about cultivating positivity with our phone. So why not get to know your camera?
Man posed for photos while tourists had belongings stolen by accomplices
Brian Clarke (31) was later identified by gardaí from the photographs on the camera.
Michael Healy-Rae: 'Speed cameras purposely deployed to catch Kerry football fans'
He described the practice as “trickery of the worst type”.
If you're not using burst mode on your camera, you're missing a trick
Why try one photo when you can take loads of them in quick succession.
Seven injured in Rio after overhead camera falls at Olympic Park
Ropes supporting the equipment broke this afternoon, sending it crashing to the ground.
Now webcams are being used by hackers to attack websites
Thousands of cameras and internet-connected devices were used to overwhelm banking sites and government institutions with fake traffic.
There's a simple rule that can help you improve your photos
The rule of thirds exists for a good reason.
What are the chances someone is spying on you through your laptop camera?
It might be an unlikely situation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful.
We put these four top smartphone cameras to the test. Here's how it went
Four smartphones, one camera test, but who wins?
This bendable sheet just happens to be a functioning camera
And you can capture more of its surroundings by bending it.
This is what Dublin looks like from high up on a spinning crane
Looks good.
Daylight robbery sees thieves take off with pictures of widow's recently deceased husband
Devices stolen contained memories of Cora’s last eight months with her husband.
School caretaker jailed for hiding camera in staff toilet
A dispenser in the staff shower room also had a hole drilled into the side of it in line of sight of the shower.
10 pictures that sum up accidentally opening your front-facing camera
Say hello to your chin(s).
Police officer who threw student across classroom has been sacked
Previous complaints against Ben Fields had been upheld.
Are you sure you know what your smartphone camera can really do?
Taking a good photo is one thing, but it’s just as important to know what features you can use and when.
These are some of the negative effects that broadcasting in court can have
Filming in the Pistorius case led to frequent close-ups of the victim’s family sitting in court, writes Paul Lambert.
Canon has unveiled an absurdly powerful image sensor
Anyone in need of 250 megapixels?
Photos taken by Ringo Starr show how The Beatles liked to chill behind the scenes
A new book, Photograph, of never-before-seen photographs, is due to be released this month.
Here's what it's like to live with a livestreaming security camera
Being able to view your home on demand has its ups and downs.
Police investigate online community encouraging 'selfies with the dead'
Cash rewards were offered for some.
One of the annoying problems with taking photos could be a thing of the past
A team of researchers have developed a way to get rid of reflections on photos.
Nokia isn't making phones, but it is making this weird-looking 360-degree camera
No word as to whether it can play Snake or not.
This seagull captured some stunning shots after stealing a tourist's camera
Are seagulls changing their ways?
8 smartphone camera tricks that'll take your Instagram to the next level
Ever wanted a birdseye view of yourself? Step right in.
This camera's zoom is pretty mind-boggling
And creepy.
Too many photos on your phone? Here's how to filter through them quickly
If the idea of wading through your photos is too much of a task, there are ways to speed things up a little.
With the Galaxy S6, Samsung has created its best smartphone in ages
But is it better than the iPhone 6?
Want to take better smartphone photos? Stop relying on auto
If you take the time to learn about the different camera features, it can make a difference with photos.
This is why people were divided on the colour of *that* dress
To be fair, there have been stranger internet debates.
This amazing photography trick lets you see sound waves
What does the sound of a gun firing look like? Wait … what?
Tour Ireland's landmarks with new images from Google Street View
Included are the Aviva Stadium, Christchurch Cathedral and the National Concert Hall among others.
Watch: You probably don't want to be this close to an exploding fireworks factory
One person was reportedly injured in the blast
Straw, tea, broken hurleys and selfies - GAA snapshots from the Season of Sundays 2014
For the 18th year, Sportsfile have produced a book chronicling the story of the GAA year in images.
Irish CCTV cameras being streamed on Russian site
There are currently 53 Irish cameras on the website.
Someone drew a willy on the Google Street View car's camera
In Australia, obviously.
Put off by the price of a GoPro? Soon you will be able to get one on the cheap
The company unveiled three new devices including the HERO, an entry-level version which costs €125.