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Tracker scandal: Just a quarter of PTSB customers who lost homes have appealed
Irish Rail ordered to pay €16,000 for false imprisonment of passenger
€5.7 million paid to gardaí in compensation for on duty injuries last year
Tracker mortgage scandal: AIB did not consider 'the potential fallout'
Boy (4) awarded €46,000 after he fell from wooden pallets while at a creche
A warehouse manager fired for leaving work to help his 'trapped wife' has been awarded €20k
Judge praises Limerick hurler awarded €31k after garda car was rammed for not exaggerating injuries
'It's been two months, it's just not on': Customers say Ryanair still owes money after cancellations
After putting aside €4m last year to cover tracker scandal, KBC now says it'll cost €59m
Pregnant woman sacked by Wrights of Howth restaurant receives €15k compensation
'I didn't realise it was inappropriate': Woman receives €7k after Halligan asked if she was married in job interview
Garda who suffered internal injuries during violent arrest awarded €36k in compensation
Child who allegedly developed acute bronchitis from damp and mould at former home awarded €20,000 damages
Tracker mortgage victim speaks of 'constant harassment' from bank for arrears
Tracker scandal: Repayments by Christmas as Donohoe bemoans 'cultural issue' with banks
23 people lost their homes because of the tracker mortgage scandal
140 Ryanair pilots have left for a competitor in the last year
Passengers urged to check if Ryanair owes them compensation for cancelling flights
'Living in financial limbo': Victims of tracker mortgage scandal still waiting for answers from banks
Cork barber fined €2,000 for refusing to cut the hair of teenager with cerebral palsy
Day 2: Tillage farmers sleep overnight at the Department of Agriculture building
Garda and former Galway hurler awarded €30,000 after being injured by getaway car
Woman awarded €4k in unfair dismissal case after taking 'old and smelly basket' from work
Victim of tracker mortgage scandal: 'If I was six months in arrears they'd be ringing me every day'
Woman who worked '15-hour days, 7 days a week and wasn't allowed leave house' awarded €67k
Survivors and families of Berkeley victims agree compensation with construction firms
Real estate agent ordered to pay €3,000 after telling single mother apartment was for couples
Tesco to fork out €247 million over accounting scandal
Fifa to pay Seamus Coleman's salary during rehab
Tracker mortgages: €76 million paid out in compensation so far to customers denied proper rates
Woman who was sacked when six months pregnant to receive €30,000
Compensation culture: 'We can’t apply health and safety standards to the great outdoors'
Andrew Doyle
Retired garda given €90k in damages after being attacked on duty
Car crash compensation claim thrown out as judge says evidence was "unbelievable"
Faulty breast implants lead to €60 million payout to 20,000 women
Former garda forced to retire because of psychological injuries awarded €162,000
Boy who cut his knee after tripping over 'vandalised' water meter awarded €12,500
Garda awarded €25,000 after being rammed by man he previously saved from machete attack
Prime Time exposé to show how insurance fraudsters stage bogus crashes
Garda who dislocated shoulder at Dublin Airport awarded €93,000