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# Dancers

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# Level 3
Dance schools can facilitate individual dance training, minister says
Members from the performing arts sector of Ireland held a silent, socially distanced protest outside Leinster House today over the continued closure of businesses.
# President-elect
Rockettes' owners deny dancers are being forced to attend Trump inauguration
Some dancers have said they don’t want to perform at the event next month.
# Egypt
These "debauched" music videos got two female pop singers thrown in prison
The two singers, Bardis and Shakira, promoted “indecency”, said the court.
# Take a Break
People are loving these three guys Irish dancing at UCC
Legs flying everywhere.
# shake it off
Three lads Irish dancing at UCC have gone viral
River (Lee) Dancing.
# it takes two to tango
Same-sex ballroom dancing couples could be banned under new UK rules
Equality advocates and same-sex dancers called the move discriminatory.
# pop it lock it
This Irish director's video will make you fall in love with NYC's subway dancers
There’s been a crackdown on subway performers since the start of this year and director Scott Carthy is hoping to give them a voice before their unique subculture disappears.
# ye little dancer
Couple in 1D crowd entertain Croker with their amazing dance moves
All eyes off the stage please.
# in sync
Bruno Mars was joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the Superbowl halftime show
It was pretty great.
# side-eye
Sharon Ní Bheoláin was not impressed by some dancers on the news last night
Could we love her any more?
# all the right moves
These parrots are better dancers than most people you've met
From head-banging to Gangnam Style, they’ve got all the moves.
# hard out here
Lily Allen and dancers respond to accusations of racism in her new video
Reaction to the Hard out Here video has been mixed.
# Carnival
Pics: Rio de Janeiro's samba schools vie for title at Carnival
Thousands of dancers streamed through the Sambadrome in elaborate costumes kitted out with headdresses depicting creatures like ant eaters, armadillos and snakes.
# Not the News
Here's the week's news... skewed
BREAKING via The Mire wire: Continuity Irish Dancers turn vicious over ringlets row; 12 million bungalows for Athlone; Michael Noonan takes Miss Ireland crown as ‘warning’…
# Carnival
In pictures: Rio de Janeiro's Carnival festival
Check out the pagaentry of the world’s largest Carnival festival.
# Not Just Pretty Faces
A quarter of lapdancers have at least a Bachelors degree
Academic research shows that one in four British lapdancers isn’t just a pretty face.