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13 places to go on a daytime date in Ireland

It’s not the night time, so you’ll have to improvise.

GIVEN THE WEATHER hints at being half decent for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to plan a few afternoon dates. 

It doesn’t always have to be pints in the pub:

1. Have a stroll around the Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

SONY DSC Source: flickr

Take yourself away from the bustle of Stephen’s Green and head to The Iveagh Gardens on a fine day. It’s a beautiful public park hidden within the city centre landscape, just off Harcourt Street. Its Victorian gardens are so well maintained and perfect for an afternoon stroll on a date.

2. Sample the delights of the Milk Market in Limerick

milkmarket Source: flickr

Walk along the Shannon and then stop in here to check out some fine local produce and a whole lot of craic.

3. Find somewhere that serves Mimosas, and have yourselves an early afternoon treat

3073903042_eef3c69ee5_z Source: flickr

Drinking on a date doesn’t have to be pints down the local. Some wonderfully fruity mimosas in the afternoon are just as good – and if the weather is nice, they taste a good bit better.

4. Walk the cliff path loop in Howth, and get a 99 when you’re finished

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Starting out in the town itself, follow the cliff path loop around the hill and finish back at the DART station. The walk will get you in the mood for an epic 99 from The Gem – right beside the station – and you can indulge in it knowing you’ve just enjoyed some of the finest coastal views the capital has to offer.

5. Take the swan pedalos at Westport House

westport Source: westporthouse

They’repedalos, designed as swans. This activity needs no further explanation as to why it would be serious craic. If you’re up around that area, indulge yourself. The life jackets might not be the most flattering, but the craic makes up for it.

6. Find somewhere to have a casual game of pool

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Not all sports are suitable for a date scenario, but one that is perfect is pool. Nobody really takes it seriously and it requires little skill to fluke a ball into a pocket. Much larks will be had.

7. Cross The Shakey Bridge into Fitzgerald Park in Cork

15418744941_3e0e0ca07c_z Source: flickr

Fitzgerald Park in Cork City is lovely for a city centre walk as it’s right on the south banks of the River Lee. To enter on its north side, you have to cross the Shakey Bridge. It’ll be a great talking point when you’re strolling your way back into the city centre.

8. Take in the Salthill promenade in Galway

3229259416_c0aae201c6_z Source: flickr

Just to the west of Galway’s city centre lies the Salthill prom, with its epic views of the Aran islands to the right – it’s an ideal location for a daytime date. You’ll have Galway to fall back on once you’re done, but you won’t beat the views on the prom.

9. Go animal spotting at Fota Island, County Cork

155603279_67ba452704_o Source: flickr

The wildlife park at Fota Island is known across the country for its ridiculously diverse range of animals. It’s perfect for a date afternoon just walking around and seeing what you can spot.

10. Have a picnic in Waterford’s People’s Park

3159097_4f034b36 Source: Geograph

It’s lovely. It’s the People’s Park as well – you have a moral obligation as a Waterford person to use it for such things as dates.

11. Take a tour of Kilkenny castle

14629167235_96cca0123a_z Source: flickr

While the castle itself is no doubt beautiful, it’s the gardens and grounds of the castle that are well worth an afternoon wander. Once you’ve seen all you want in the park, head down the Parade and enjoy the city on the castle’s doorstep (you could probably allow yourself a sneaky pint).

12. Go for a cycle in the Phoenix Park, Dublin

14862399668_7b4715526d_z Source: flickr

The vast park has everything you need for a great afternoon cycle. The open grass areas and the good quality roads will make the cycle worth it, and Dublin Zoo is right there for something to do after. Although, if it’s a nice day – lazing on the grass might be the more tempting offer.

13. Walk through Clare Glens forest in Limerick

5930480086_5349f18bd8_z Source: flickr

Clare Glens forest just outside Limerick is locally known for its sensational nature trails that wind through the forest’s hills. Well worth a trip for the picturesque views and the abundance of wildlife. Romantic strolls await.

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