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Last year
The Good Information Podcast: The New Digital Age - is Ireland ready for it?
The new digital age has major implications not just for Ireland’s economy, but for climate policy, privacy rights and more.
Government will pay for 10,000 remote working days at digital hubs this summer
There are currently 242 remote working facilities across the country.
Quiz: How much do you know about the new digital age?
Test your knowledge of the new digital age with out latest Good Information Project quiz.
Do you really understand what NFTs and the blockchain are? Here's an A-Z of tech terms
Let us help.
Open Newsroom invitation: The New Digital Age - are we ready for it?
Join our expert panel at lunchtime this Wednesday to discuss the drive for digital across everything from employment to education.
Open Thread: How would you 'fix' the internet?
This month The Good Information Project looks at tech and the new digital age. We want to know how the internet could be ‘fixed’ to improve quality of life in Ireland.
All time
Free-to-air, subscriptions and the 'digital space' - What future for the Six Nations?
IRFU CEO Philip Browne says the competition has to “embrace the change.”
'800 million people globally could be made redundant by technology over the next ten years'
Partnering with the big technology companies to implement a digital apprenticeship scheme would be game changing for Ireland’s economic prospects, writes Gary Gannon.
Stephen Rae stepping down as INM group editor-in-chief
Rae was group editor-in-chief for five years.
It's an end of an era for Sinn Féin as An Phoblacht ceases publication
An Phoblacht has been in production in its current form since 1970.
Explainer: What is Bitcoin, and why is it making headlines again?
Mark Karpeles, former CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange MtGox, went on trial this week over the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the virtual currency.
The skills you need to stay ahead of the workplace robot
There are two things that you’ll need to know to make sure you’re more useful than robots – for at least another year.
Bill O'Herlihy's wish granted as Irish Film Board changes its name
The change was given the seal of approval the week before he died.
UPC has launched its own streaming service...
But Netflix it ain’t. And you may have to pay extra for it.
From dial-up to The Devil Wears Prada: How the internet helped this writer's career
Sophia Stuart’s career began when the internet was taking its first steps, and her fascination with it took her all over the world.
Don't have time to make it to the shops? These digital gifts may help you out
And you won’t have to wrap them either so win-win.
Opinion: How to find razor-sharp focus in the age of distraction
You can be productive and creative – but first you need to focus.
Love old ads? A whole load of them are set to be archived
Several organisations have been awarded funds from the BAI to archive old programming, music and advertisements.
What I learned: striving for the paperless classroom
Tablet computers could soon replace books – but it’s not as simple as just adding iPads.
Microsoft begins cleaning up the Windows store by removing 1,500 fake apps from it
The company promises to remove more apps which mislead users and crack down on fake and scam apps.
Apple's iPhone 6 faces a big pricing problem around the world
Relatively poorer customers can’t afford it – and they’re turning to Android.
Man creates stunning ad to sell his piece of sh*t car
It’s a sweet little 1999 number.
Sorry, country folk: Still a huge divide between urban and rural internet speeds
At the launch of UPC’s second Irish Digital Report, the Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte said that there was still a “significant divide” between the quality of internet service provided in urban and rural Ireland.
Irish businesses are among the EU's best for selling abroad online
It’s one of a number of details conatined in EU-wide research on digital habits.
Students get chance to show off digital skills with launch of Future 8 Awards
The competition, which is open to children and teenagers aged 7 – 17, features eight categories and promises that each main prize will be a “money-can’t-buy experience.”
The rate of cybercrime is on the rise, with some firms losing nearly €4 million because of it
The study from PWC found that cybercrime in Ireland has risen from 24 per cent to 45 per cent since 2011.
Claremorris to become the first fibre town in Ireland
The service, which is expected to be completed by August, will provide all local businesses in the area with internet speeds of 250Mb/s (31.25MB/s.
Column: The lack of positive content for young people in digital media is a real concern
Digital technology can give incredibly positive opportunities, but there has to be a concerted effort to get the best out of the medium, writes Brian O’Neill.
Fancy a move to Central Okanagan? Hundreds of Canada, Australia & NZ jobs on offer today
Yes, Central Okangan… It’s not as remote as it sounds.
Neil Young set to release his own hifi music player on Kickstarter
The PonoPlayer will have 128GB of storage, which the makers say is enough to save between 100 to 500 high-quality albums, and will be made available for pre-order later this week.
This iconic logo will be disappearing from cinemas tomorrow
Take a last look at the Carlton branding iron.
Column: Children don't understand the consequences of sexting
Children as young as 10 have engaged in ‘sexting’ – sending explicit images or texts to another person — but they are distanced from the reality of what they are doing, writes Dr Maureen Griffin.
Most young adults would sacrifice their TV and laptop ahead of their smartphone
A survey from O2 Media found that 70 per cent of respondents say their smartphone is their “first or most important screen.”
Column: Sorry politicians, you can’t avoid social media – people no longer accept being ‘talked at’
The political class have realised the importance of a digital economy – but, they also need to realise the importance of building a digital democracy, writes Niall Devitt.
Irish creatives take on the future of film and media-making
Technology and creative experts are meeting at the Digital Biscuit event this week – and the producer of Borgen will be among them.
This is what Fight Club would have looked like if Tyler Durden hadn't been there
Because he actually wasn’t there, y’see?
Will 2014 be the year of wearable tech?
The growing use of embedded wearable devices is spawning a massive industry geared to fitness, health and other goals.
Column: Want to break into the digital sector... but aren't sure how?
Several people working in the digital sector in Dublin share their impressions of the industry – and give some career advice to those wanting to pursue a path in that area.
Man purchases €75,000 car using only bitcoin
The Tesla Model S Performance is believed to be the first car to be purchased using the digital currency.
Don't panic: How to undo a sent email in Gmail
You’ll have to be quick though.