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Quiz: How much do you know about Disney?
Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!
# to infinity and be gone
Malaysia says Disney refused to cut same-sex kiss from Lightyear movie
Films censors said scenes and dialogue were ‘found to contain elements promoting the LGBT lifestyle’.
# Ron DeSantis
Florida governor signs Disney government dissolution Bill after 'Don't Say Gay' row
Disney had criticised the new law barring instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in pre-school through to third grade.
# Russia
Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and The Walt Disney Company pause releases in Russia
Warner Bros is pausing the release of it’s highly anticipated superhero blockbuster The Batman.
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# Frozen Out
Amazon server outage hits thousands of Disney+ and Netflix customers
The e-commerce giant said it has “identified the root cause and are actively working towards recovery.”
# back to the pictures
Disney to release films in cinemas first for the rest of the year
Most major releases in the past 18 months have premiered on streaming services due to the closure of cinemas during the pandemic.
# Quiz
Quiz: How well do you know these songs from Disney animations?
You must Be As Swift As A Coursing River to do well in this quiz.
# Indiana Jones
Harrison Ford to appear in a fifth instalment of Indiana Jones
The announcement was made by Disney film executives at a briefing with investors.
# evening quiz
Quiz: How well do you remember these Disney movies?
It was announced earlier this week that Mulan will skip the big screen and premiere on Disney+ instead.
Westbrook fires Rockets to win over Bucks, Boston see off Portland fightback
Jaylen Brown and Gordon Hayward delivered at crucial moments for the Celtics after the Trailblazers stormed back.
# Delayed
Disney delays release of Mulan, Star Wars, Avatar due to Covid-19 pandemic
The live-action Mulan had already been postponed twice.
# pandemic
Disney delays multiple Marvel blockbusters but still hopes for summer launch of Mulan
One untitled Marvel film previously set for summer 2022 has been removed from the schedule entirely.
# to whom it concerns
Sofa Watch: Miriam steps in for Ryan and US late night stars do their hosting from home
All you need to know about your Irish and international chat show options … including a few classics from the archives.
# Let's Get Quizzical
Quiz: How well do you remember these Disney films?
Go on, test yourself.
# entertainment
Disney+ launches in Ireland today, here are our top picks to watch first
The new streaming service has over 500 films and thousands of television episodes.
# the stream wars
Star Wars and The Simpsons among the draws as Disney+ launches in Ireland for €6.99 per month
The streaming services launches on 24 March.
# Box Office
Three films from 2019 among highest grossing movies of all time in Ireland
Annual box office revenue for 2019 is expected to total €117.4m.
# Homelessness
Disney Store wants security gate at Grafton Street shop to prevent homeless sleepers
An application for installing the gates was lodged in October by The Disney Store Ltd.
# media and marketing
Your crash course in... Ireland's place in the TV streaming wars
The entertainment industry is about to be hit with a healthy dose of disruption.
Disney's new streaming service adds disclaimer to classic films about racist stereotypes
Disney Plus attracted 10 million subscribers in just one day.
Russi Taylor, voice of Minnie Mouse and Martin in The Simpsons, dies aged 75
“Minnie Mouse lost her voice with the passing of Russi Taylor.”
# dumbo
Colin Farrell: 'Ireland is a marvel - the same-sex marriage referendum was extraordinary'
The Dublin actor talks to us about his pride in Ireland, and his role in Disney’s reimagining of Dumbo.
Disney closes €62 billion deal for 21st Century Fox
The deal paves the way for Disney to launch its streaming service Disney Plus.
# james gunn
Guardians of the Galaxy director rehired after being fired last year over old tweets that joked about rape
The director earlier apologised for the tweets.
# ralph breaks the internet
Why Disney decided to take the mick out of its princess stereotype
In the movie, the princesses stand up for themselves.
# Lost and Found
Lost Disney film showing Mickey Mouse's predecessor found in Japan
“We’re absolutely delighted to learn that a copy of the lost film exists.”
# wage rigidity and beyond
Over half of the 70,000 workers at Walt Disney World are to vote on $15 minimum wage
The increase would apply to unionised workers at the park and would bring the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
# jack whitehall
Disney faces backlash after casting straight actor in gay role
Comedian Jack Whitehall has been cast in the upcoming Disney film Jungle Cruise.
# james gunn
Guardians of the Galaxy director fired over old tweets that joked about rape
“As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humour,” Gunn responded.
# tigger happy
It looks like Chris O'Dowd has quietly been replaced as Tigger in the new Christopher Robin movie
The new trailer revealed the trade.
# Pride Month
Here's why Disney releasing rainbow Mickey Mouse ears for Pride Month is a bit of a cop-out
Disney are happy to sell and promote LGBTQI+ merch, but not characters.
# front row seats
Gardaí called to Finding Dory screening after family refused to move seats
The family claimed they were discriminated against under the Equal Status Act.
# animation
Top animators from Netflix, Amazon and Disney heading to Dingle to find future talent
This is the sixth year of the animation festival in Dingle.
# movie power
Black Panther passed the $1 billion earnings mark this week
The film remains at the top of the box office in the US and Ireland.
# Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
Disney is giving 125,000 of its employees $1,000 each
The company say the bonus is down to recent tax reform.
# media merger
Walt Disney Company makes deal to buy 21st Century Fox for €44.3 billion
21st Century Fox’s television stations and Fox News channel will be spun off before the sale.
# Banned
Disney bans Los Angeles Times from press screenings after critical story
Disney said that LA Times showed “a complete disregard for basic journalistic standards”.
# Circle of Life
Beyoncé will play Nala in Disney's new live-action remake of The Lion King
# whosits and whatsits
8 Instagram accounts to follow if you love, love, *love* Disney
Only hardcore fans need apply.
# disneylife
Disney sets out to rival Netflix and Amazon with new family-friendly streaming app
The app, which has a huge amount of content aimed at children and parents, is available now.