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The unexpected Irish link in the Mad Men finale
An iconic moment at the end of Mad Men only came about because of Ireland’s bad weather.
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World Cups, Muhammad Ali and the Mets: the 5 best sports moments from Mad Men
The iconic TV show airs its final episode this weekend.
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How THAT iconic Coke ad only happened because of an Irish airport and bad weather
The ad from the Mad Men finale? Chalk it up to a long wait at Shannon.
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Which Mad Men Character Should You Ride?
It’s all coming to an end, you need to honour these characters properly.
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End of an era: Everything you need to know before the final Mad Men episodes
The land of Don.
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Don Draper pitching LeBron's return to Cleveland is absolutely perfect
This device is not a spaceship. It’s a time machine…
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13 lessons every GAA manager can learn from Don Draper
Shut the door, have a seat. These nuggets of wisdom may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched six seasons of Mad Men.
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How Mad Men ads compare with ones that actually ran in the 1960s
Kodak, Lucky Strike, Right Guard… here are the ads that Don Draper and co came up with, and the ads that the companies actually ran.
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Really Mad Men: new pictures reveal lots of sour pusses for the new season
Season six is on the way next week. Here are some teasing photos.
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Tumblr of the Day: Mean Mad Men
Stop trying to make fetch happen.
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Catching up with Mad Men... through Post-it notes
If you don’t have Sky Atlantic, you’ll have a bit of a wait for it to come to RTÉ – so here’s a stationery-based reminder.
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Mad Men-style Falling into Dublin Bay of the Day
Looks like this guy had a slightly softer landing than Don Draper.
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The Daily Fix: Thursday
Tough jail sentences for looters, Republican election hopefuls gear up for debate in the US, €50,000 on urinals for men caught short in Dublin, and U2 featuring… Jedward?
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Who's up for the chop? Two Mad Men cast members facing cut
Ongoing negotiations with hit TV show creator Matthew Weiner centre on network’s desire to cut two regular cast members to save costs.