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# Donald Trump

29th February 2024
US President Joe Biden declared ‘fit for duty’ after annual medical test
Illinois judge orders Donald Trump stricken off ballot for state's Republican primary contest
This week
25th February 2024 - 1st March 2024
US Supreme Court to rule if Trump can be prosecuted in 2020 election interference case
Mitch McConnell to step down as US Senate Republican leader in November
'Take a look at the other guy': Biden takes aim at Trump in defence against age concerns
Biden and Trump win Michigan primaries, despite US President suffering Gaza protest vote
Donald Trump appeals €419 million judgment made against him in New York fraud lawsuit
Trump easily defeats Nikki Haley in Republican primary in her home state of South Carolina
Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Donald Trump expected to easily defeat Nikki Haley in Republican primary in her home state
FBI informant charged with lying about Joe Biden and son Hunter says 'Russian intel were involved'
Donald Trump rails against judge who handed down $355 million fine in New York civil fraud
Last month
February 2024
Donald Trump hit with fine of $355 million by judge in New York civil fraud case
Trump's historic hush-money criminal trial will go ahead on 25 March, New York judge says
Biden hits out at Trump's 'dangerous' remarks questioning US commitment to defend Nato allies
EU and Nato leaders criticise Trump over threat to 'encourage' Russian attacks on allies
Tucker Carlson labelled 'useful idiot' after 'softball' interview with Putin
WATCH: President Biden insists his ‘memory is fine’ after critical report
The report described the 81-year-old’s memory as “hazy” and having “significant limitations”,
Joe Biden ‘wilfully’ retained classified documents but ‘should not be charged’, report finds
Nikki Haley's humiliation in Nevada the latest sign that Trump's path is clearer than ever
Biden accuses Trump of pressuring Republicans to reject border measures and Ukraine aid deal
Nicky Haley loses Nevada Republican primary to ‘none of these candidates’ option
US Court of Appeals rules Trump not immune from prosecution in 6 January case
January 2024
Donald Trump ordered to pay $83.3m in damages for defaming columnist while he was president
Trump briefly testifies in defamation case brought against him by writer E. Jean Carroll
Who could be Trump's running mate if/when he secures the Republican nomination?
After his win in the New Hampshire primary, it’s increasingly likely that Trump will face Biden in November.
Trump closer to presidential race against Biden as he wins New Hampshire Republican primary
In the Democratic primary, Biden won the state despite not being officially on the ballot.
New Hampshire voters cast ballots in presidential primary as Trump aims to see off final rival Nikki Haley
Explainer: Who is Nikki Haley - the 'last candidate standing' against Donald Trump in the primaries?
Judge threatens to throw Trump out of court for talking during evidence
Trump lawyers foreshadow potential lines of defence in classified documents case
Trump attends New York court for start of E Jean Carroll defamation case
Trump wins Iowa presidential caucuses to reinforce status as Republican frontrunner
Larry Donnelly: What to look for as Iowa and New Hampshire choose their nominees for president
Trump ordered to pay New York Times $400k in legal fees
Former US president Donald Trump defies judge and addresses civil fraud trial
Judge rules Donald Trump will not give closing speech in civil fraud trial
US judges sceptical of Trump's immunity claim as he warns of 'bedlam' if he is put on trial
US Supreme Court to decide on if Donald Trump can run for President again
Joe Biden says Trump 'willing to sacrifice democracy' to regain power in first campaign speech
New York attorney general seeks $370 million from Donald Trump in civil fraud trial