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'There's no show like it': Here's what happens behind the scenes at Winning Streak
We were given a glimpse at rehearsals with Sinead and Marty.
# henrik larsson
A Pointless contestant won the jackpot after her boyfriend told her to 'just say Henrik Larsson'
The footballer saved the day!
# not on a winning streak
Nicky Byrne's game show axed as Marty Whelan returns
The Million Euro Challenge struggled to attract viewers.
# morto
Game show contestant flubs answer to ridiculously easy Snow White question
Note to self: brush up on Disney knowledge.
# wheel of fortune
Man amazingly solves Wheel of Fortune puzzle with a single letter
The mind works in mysterious ways.
# hodor hodor hodor
Someone spliced Hodor from Game of Thrones into an episode of Family Fortunes
And it was excellent.
# wheel of ill fortune
Possibly the worst game-show answer of all time, captured on Vine
Six seconds of glorious stupidity.
# you lose
Barack Obama interrupted a TV game show and people were ANGRY
And you thought Irish voters were apathetic…
# dish it up
Brian McFadden's hosting a new game show called Who's Doing The Dishes?
The losers do the dishes! Get it? Quiet genius.
# gender division
Quiz show makers find Irish men 'think a lot of their abilities'
But Irish women are much less confident, according to the producers of a new game show.
# Family Fortunes
Unfortunate game show contestant names wrong body part
Oh dear.
# quiz on korea
Meet the woman representing Ireland in a Korean game show
Alana O’Brien will be flying the tricolour in a week-long reality show and quiz.