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Quiz show makers find Irish men 'think a lot of their abilities'

But Irish women are much less confident, according to the producers of a new game show.

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THERE’S A NEW Irish game show in the making. And the production staff have found that Irish men think a lot more of their general knowledge than women.

RTE are set to broadcast the new show, Division, based on an entirely unique format – the first Irish television will have seen for a while. Vision Independent Productions, the makers of Operation Transformation and The Hit, are currently recruiting contestants for the show.

However, it seems women are less than keen compared to their male counterparts. Lorna Hartnett, a member of the production staff, says:

Irish men are very eager to put themselves forward and are very confident in their own abilities. Women are less confident, and less likely to throw themselves into the mix.
But it’s not even just those that have yet to apply, with women proving to be less confident even in terms of rating their abilities in the different subjects.

We’re definitely putting a push on for women, especially older women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. They seem to be very reluctant to put themselves forward.

It’s a wonder why, when the premise is so simple:

Thirty-two strangers enter a TV studio, with one of them guaranteed a cash prize of €5,000 within the hour. As the title would hint, it’s all about division.

The contestants divide themselves into two groups. They’ll then be given a subject and required to nominate one of their 16 to go head-to-head with their rivals to answer questions based on their specialist subjects.

The two nominated contestants are asked questions in sudden death situation–as soon as one is wrong, the whole team is eliminated. The winning team then divides into two teams of eight, and so on.

Lorna Hartnett adds:

It’s very different. There hasn’t been an Irish-developed quiz show on Irish TV for many years. Not only do people need to have good general knowledge, they also have to have the confidence to say ‘I’m going be the best person here to answer these questions.’

Ah ladies, don’t you like money? Fix the ratio. But hurry – applications close next week, you can email irishquizshow@gmail.com for more info.

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