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'Gatsbying': There's now a word to describe posting a selfie to get your crush's attention

If you post a selfie on Instagram and the person you fancy doesn’t like it, what’s the point?

SOCIAL MEDIA IS a valuable tool that enables us to connect with both old friends and people we might not otherwise have the opportunity of meeting.

More importantly, it allows us to post things in the vain hope of getting our crush’s attention.

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A recent post on Reddit’s r/showerthoughts has struck a chord with many for succinctly summing up this phenomenon and likening it to The Great Gatsby. #highbrow

Reddit user Cupcake-Warrior wrote:

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The comparison has led Mashable to coin the term ‘Gatsbying,’ which can be defined as posting something to social media in an effort to catch your crush’s attention.

Finally! A word for this very modern phenomenon.

God be with the days when all you had to worry about was whether someone would text you back, wha’?

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