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'We were walking through the flats and it came up in conversation. My Dad asked if I was gay'
Patrick Dempsey
Teacher to be compensated after principal insulted gay son
Joe Dolan placed this ad in 1968 offering a reward for information on rumours about him
This hardware store's 'gay' Christmas ad has left everyone scratching their heads
This hardware store's 'gay' Christmas ad has left everyone scratching their heads
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'I don’t date based on gender, for me, gender doesn't determine attraction'
Oisín McKenna
Joyous scenes - and insults - as gay couples get marriage licences
Contoversy in Australia over new film about kids with gay parents
Gay scout pulled out of race for top role after receiving e-mail full of 'insinuations and threats'
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Most gay sportsmen and women in Ireland 'verbally abused' on the pitch
A woman is trying to sue all homosexuals on behalf of God
'It took me 65-and-a-bit years to summon up the courage to talk about being gay'
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'We must never come close to having anything like Whites Only signs again'
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'I tied every aspect of my life to my sexual identity - it had to change'
Christine Allen
15-year-old with gay dads wrote to Ray D'arcy, 'How can anyone say my family isn’t ideal?'