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Shane MacGowan has had his teeth fixed in 'the Everest of dentistry'
MacGowan’s last tooth fell out eight years ago – but now he’s had all 28 of them restored in a mammoth procedure.
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One punter lost a rather unusual item at the Puck Fair the other day
All the glamour of the fair.
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Want to keep your teeth into old age? Drink up that fluoridated water
A new TCD study has found a link between fluoridated water and oral health in old age.
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Here is the single best corporate tweet about Glenda Gilson's wedding
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Two million people can get a free dental check-up - but most of us don't even know it exists
Only 15 per cent of people actually made us of their free check-up last year.
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Fran from Love/Hate explains how they created the toothless effect
It looked so real!
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Did you lose these false teeth in Kerry?
Someone, somewhere must know something.
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9 things everyone dreads about the dentist
Now spit.