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One punter lost a rather unusual item at the Puck Fair the other day
All the glamour of the fair.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, the town of Killorglin in Co Kerry hosted the annual Puck Fair, in which a wild mountain goat is crowned king of the town for three days.

11/8/2015. Day Two, The Puck Fair. King Puck in hi Eamonn Farrell / Eamonn Farrell / /

There’s dancing, music, and parades – but it seems like some people are having a bit too much fun.

Staff at Kingston’s Bar in the town posted this picture of an unusual piece of lost property on their Facebook page on Tuesday:

puck fair Facebook / Kingston's Bar & Beer Gardens Facebook / Kingston's Bar & Beer Gardens / Kingston's Bar & Beer Gardens

Anyone lost their tootsies? Only at Puck Fair.

Speaking on Radio Kerry yesterday, pub manager Iriwin Kingston explained that the teeth had been found in a very hygienic spot indeed:

Towards the end of the night we had started our clean up, a staff member came out and said “Can I have a glove? You’ll never guess what I’m after finding in the toilet.” Right beside a urinal, he found a set of false teeth.

kingstonsbar Facebook / Kingston's Bar & Beer Garden Facebook / Kingston's Bar & Beer Garden / Kingston's Bar & Beer Garden

A staff member asked one of the last men in the bar (“who looked like he’d had a good time at the Puck Fair”) if he had false teeth.

He said, “I do!” And he put his finger into his mouth and realised, “I don’t”.

Kingston said it was one of the strangest things he’s ever found in his pub, but “anything goes at the Puck Fair”.

Anything, indeed.

11/8/2015. King Puck chews on some food after spen Eamonn Farrell / Eamonn Farrell / /

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