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11 pieces of graffiti you would only find in Ireland

So good.

IT MIGHT NOT be Banksy, but Ireland can produce its fair share of high quality, hilarious Irish graffiti.

Take a bow:

1. This solid advice

stickonawash Source: Imgur

2. A very Irish good bye sign

This should be the official policy of County Council signs around the country.

3. Making this sign quintessentially Irish is easy enough

merrion Source: Imgur

A classic.

4. The greatest wordsmith of our age

K7wRAui Source: Imgur

5. A non-Irish person might be confused by who or what you are praying for

6. The fake tan Oompa Loompas spotted in Dublin

ZxxQBre Source: Imgur


7. Simple but effective

8. The 9.55 rush to the offie, in sign form

9. A message to the world from us

10. The chat up line for the ages

11. And finallly, graffiti that could have been written by your mam

Always the edgiest graffiti, that.

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David Elkin

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