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# Ronan Curran
Hurling challenges in business and coaching for Cork All-Ireland winner as Covid-19 crisis continues
Former Cork star Ronan Curran on hurling challenges on and off the field due to Covid-19.
# Star City
Here's the gruelling training aspiring astronauts have to go through at Moscow’s famous Star City
‘You feel like you can’t breath, it feels as if your stomach is glued to your back.’
# American Football
American football hits similar to 62 car crashes per game - new research
Researchers used a special mouthguard to collect the data.
# D'oh!
TV ad promoting safe cycling banned for showing cyclist without a helmet
# helmet hair
If you have a moped/motorbike, you'll like this
Helmet hair, but not as we know it.
# helmets
We're up all night to Get Lucky... with Daft Punk condoms
This was inevitable really.
# taking the pith
Wallabies to give 50,000 free 'Lion-hunter helmets' to home fans at Tests
The Aussies are getting seriously worried about the ever-growing ‘Sea of Red’ Down Under.
# unmasked
Here's what Daft Punk look like without their helmets
# new recruits
PHOTOS: Vatican welcomes 26 Swiss Guards into world's oldest army
The swearing-in ceremony for the new recruits took place in the Vatican today.
# hot potato
WATCH: Chinese soldiers pass around a live grenade
Don’t try this one at home…