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# Hide and Seek

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Can you spot the armed camouflaged marine watching you from the trees?
These parents stuck a GoPro to their toddler's head during hide and seek, and it was DELIGHTFUL
Army deserter caught after spending 10 years hiding in a forest
IKEA said it's 'not facilitating' a massive game of Hide n Seek in Dublin
IKEA: Stop playing hide -and-seek in our shops, seriously
Men found in car boot suspected of planning to commit robbery
Thief hides stolen $35,000 watch in a very safe place indeed
Man fakes his own abduction so he can party with his mates
VIDEO: Cat loses game of hide and seek
Girl who suffocated in storage bin 'locked in for stealing an ice pop'
How do you solve a problem like McCarthy? Trap names side for tomorrow's Nations Cup opener