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'He's a guy who's a fabulist': Clinton slams Trump and warns of attempts to undermine democracy
Clinton has yet to be drawn on whether she will run for President again.
# Tulsi Gabbard
Democrat White House candidate hits back after Clinton labels her the 'favourite of the Russians'
The congresswoman called her ‘a personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party’.
# Emails
Ivanka Trump says use of private email user is not the same as Hillary Clinton's
“All of my emails are stored and preserved. There were no deletions,” President Donald Trump’s elder daughter told ABC News.
# mean tweets
Donald Trump just blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter after 9 years of her calling him out
Always the bigger person, is our Donald
# Mass Shootings
Obama and Hilary want crackdown on gun violence ... Trump, not so much
Republicans aren’t so keen on the President’s plans.
Things are about to get nasty in the Republican presidential race
Whoever wins the race, they will most certainly be up against Hilary Clinton, writes Larry Donnelly.
# next president
Who is Deez Nuts and why is he polling so well in the United States?
It started off as a practical joke, but has since snowballed.
# rope line
Hillary Clinton dragged reporters around with a rope and it went horribly viral
Probably not the viral image they were hoping for.
# political science
Ultras, nihilism and Kosovo: Jonathan Wilson on the midweek violence in Belgrade
The acclaimed football journalist and author provides an insight into Tuesday’s abandoned Euro 2016 qualifier between Serbia and Albania.
# Family ties
Bill Clinton: Hillary was right on Benghazi and is NOT brain damaged
The ‘Big Dog’ has come to the defence of his wife.
# American politics
Hilary 2016? The fundraising has already begun
America’s largest liberal fundraising operation took a big step in settling the “will she/won’t she” question today.
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Bernstein on Watergate: ‘We were afraid we’d make a mistake’
41 years ago today, the Watergate break-in took place, which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. Carl Bernstein, one of the journalists that broke the story, was in Dalkey last night to speak about how it changed America.
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11 reasons we think Glenn Close is awesome and you should too
Happy birthday Glenn, you are a legend.
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The Evening Fix… now with added dashing Santas
Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.