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Hillary Clinton dragged reporters around with a rope and it went horribly viral

Probably not the viral image they were hoping for.

DEM 2016 Clinton Source: Associated Press

YESTERDAY US PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Hillary Clinton took part in a fourth of July parade in a place called Gorham, New Hampshire.

Naturally there were a number of members of the press there to report on her activities as she moved along the town’s Main Street, greeting well wishers (and not-to-well wishers. The Washington Post reports that some were shouting things like “What about Benghazi” and “Show us your emails”".

DEM 2016 Clinton Source: Associated Press

CNN reports that initially reporters were able to get close to Clinton, ask her questions, and hear her interactions with members of the public.

However, shortly afterwards two of her staff “unfurled a rope that stretched across the street, blocking access to the candidate”. The rope corralled the press and kept them about 10-15 feet away as Clinton made her way along the street.

The images were tweeted somewhat incredulously by journalists from the New York Times and ABC and have gone viral.

ABC reports that the New Hampshire wing of the Republican party has criticised Clinton for insulting “the traditions of our First-In-The-Nation primary”.

The Clinton camp have yet to issue a response to questions about the rope incident, although staffers on the ground had told reporters that the reason for it was so that “maybe a voter could see her, that kind of thing”.

CNN reports that Secret Service staff advised  journalists to move in time with the rope line, telling them “you’re not going fast enough”.

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