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IKEA has invented a mirror that literally says nice things about you
Actually life-changing.

LOOKING IN THE mirror can be a make-or-break type moment. It can really go either way.

This tweet kind of sums it up:

But those days may be over. Because IKEA have invented a mirror that literally takes a look at you and pays you compliments.

IKEA say the mirror, which is was trialled at one of the retailer’s London stores, gives each person that stands in front of it a “personalised” compliment.

It uses “next generation Kinect motion sensor technology combined with complex coding” to determine what to say.

Myriam Ruffo, the head of bedrooms and bathrooms for IKEA in Ireland and the UK, said:

We all know how that first look in the bathroom or bedroom mirror can determine whether we have a good or bad day. That’s why we thought – wouldn’t it be great if the mirror actually told you something positive for a change!

The retailer says it commissioned research which suggested 68 per cent of people are critical of their appearance when they look in the mirror. Frankly, we’re surprised the number isn’t higher.

So, where can we buy this life-changing device? Sadly, the bedroom accessory – called the Motivational Mirror – doesn’t appear to be for sale on the IKEA website.

That said, we’ve never needed a compliment so much as at the end of a slog round IKEA. We’d be happy if they just installed one at the checkouts.

via Buzzfeed

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