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#Internet memes

Yes, the Grumpy Cat movie is actually happening and here's the bizarre trailer

The internet has gone too far this time.

A new cat is carrying on the legacy of Keyboard Cat

Play them off, new Keyboard Cat.

17 memes that made the internet wonderful in 2013

Memes are the most essential of our shared cultural cornerstones. Obv.

The best memes of 2012 Memetastic This post contains videos

The best memes of 2012

Grumpy Cat, Angelina Jolieing, and those binders full of women. It’s been a quality year for internet memes. Here’s the cream of the crop…

Can you find the 40 internet memes in this song?

The GAG Quartet’s ‘le Internet Medley’ has picked up almost two million views in two days. Can you spot all the memes?