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17 memes that made the internet wonderful in 2013

Memes are the most essential of our shared cultural cornerstones. Obv.

OH 2013.

We hate to see you leave, but we love to watch you go. Here are the memes that made you great. Godspeed. You served us well.

1. Miley

Miley Cyrus really spoiled us with memes this year. We thought her VMA performance with Robin Thicke was enough, but then she released Wrecking Ball. Ambassador, with this naked swinging on building machinery, you are truly spoiling us.

Source: sukmywangBryanStars

2. Invisible spaghetti

Rightful mockery of the now-ubiquitous duck-face photo pose.

Source: Meme Center

3. Doge

Wow. Much shiba. Very inu. Explanation for the uninitiated here.

Source: Imgur

4. Actresses without teeth

Weirdly chilling.

Source: Before Its News

5. He’ll jump on you Caroline


Source: Caroline H

6. Mini footballers

Shrunk down to size, wha?

Source: Newageman

7. Ugly Beyonce

Bouncy wasn’t happy when an unflattering shot of her at a concert went viral in February. Her publicist tried to recall the pictures, but it had the opposite effect – meme city, population: Beyoncé.

Source: Daily Dawdle

8. Dogs in tights

Oddly alluring, no?

Source: Sharp Daily

9. Harlem Shake

So viral, there was even several brilliant Irish takes thrown into the ring.

Source: LadsSocialTv

10. What does the fox say?


(This is going to be in your head for the rest of the day. Our deepest condolences …. Fish go blub.)

Source: tvnorge

11. Cat bearding


Source: Lovemeow

12. Scarlett Johansson falling over

Honestly, it never gets old.

Source: Sad And Useless

13. Cats/male models

Again, strangely alluring, no?

Source: Design Taxi

Source: Catster

14. Horsemeat

We really wrung this one dry as a nation, though, didn’t we?

15. Hot Dogs or Legs

The eternal question… Hot dogs or legs?

16. Inappropriate selfies

Spear-headed by the blog Selfies At A Funeral, but there were a lot more inappropriate selfies people took in 2013. After all, selfie is the international word of the year for 2013. Even the Irish language equivalent, féinphic, got into the dictionary as Gaeilge. Phew, busy year for the digital self-portrait, eh?

Source: Imgur

17. Breaking Bad everything

And we do mean EVERYTHING. Not just memes, but cartoons, costumes, cakes… Breaking Bad definitely wins out 2013 for internet enjoyment.

What were your favourite memes of 2013? Let us know in the comments. And let’s all hope for a very meme-rich 2014.

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