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'They all talk about Ireland being their home. But often they have no home left there'
Last week, an appeal was made for people to attend the funeral of an Irishman who died alone in Manchester.
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'You are not alone': Irish women in London have been anonymously sharing their secrets
2,000 blank postcards were sent to Irish women across London to take part in the project.
Irish in London: ‘Brexit and Trump made me feel less welcome in the UK’
2016 was like some cosmic prank but the spike in hate crime after Brexit and Trump is very worrying, writes Ruairi O’Grady.
# abroad at christmas
Here's what it's like being Irish and in London for Christmas
Here’s what it’s like to be Irish and abroad at Christmas.
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All Irish people in London will relate heavily to this lad's snarky tribute to the city
The glamour of it all!
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"He gave somebody else a chance of life and somebody else has come along and taken his"
John Martin was a kidney donor a year before he was stabbed to death in London.
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12 problems only Irish people in London will understand
It’s a jungle over there.
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21 things Irish people in London are sick of hearing
Say three again.
'I'm Irish, I live in London and I've joined Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn'
An apathetic and marginalised electorate have been woken up by the new Labour leader, this shouldn’t be ignored writes Ruairí O’Grady.
# irish in london
13 problems only Irish people in London will understand
Tree please. TREE. One, two, TREE.