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Trump-backed football coach beats ex-Attorney General for Alabama Senate nomination
Jeff Sessions had resigned as Trump’s attorney general in 2017.
Jeff Sessions said FBI better off hiring Irishmen who are 'drunks but could be trusted', new book claims
Former FBI director Andrew McCabe has been scathing of the US President and Jeff Sessions in a new book.
Three senators sue Trump over acting Attorney General
Many critics believe Matthew Whitaker was chosen to protect Donald Trump from the Russia collusion probe.
'Trump is not above the law': Protesters across US call for Russia probe to be protected
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been replaced by a Trump loyalist who has criticised the investigation.
'Trump has crossed a red line': Fears Jeff Sessions' replacement will try to derail Russia probe
Matthew Whitaker, a Trump loyalist, has been named as acting Attorney General.
US attorney general Jeff Sessions is resigning at Trump's request
Donald Trump announced that Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew G Whitaker will be the Acting Attorney General.
'I'll write the real book': Donald Trump slams new book on his presidency ahead of its release
Fear: Trump in the White House hits US bookshops on Tuesday after a week-long buildup.
'What they've done is treason': Donald Trump orders investigation into New York Times piece
The US President has ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions to root out the author of the piece.
Trump mocks US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in another burst of tweets
He called on him to probe a litany of recurring complaints against those investigating his administration and Democrats.
US judge orders deportation plane to 'turn around', threatens Jeff Sessions with contempt of court
The Washington deportation hearing heard that a woman and her daughter had been deported just hours before their case was due to be heard.
Reports that Trump could be questioned soon over alleged Russian election meddling
Reports have indicated that Trump could be questioned in the “coming weeks”.
Republicans turn on Roy Moore as several women accuse him of sexual harassment
Paul Ryan, Jeff Sessions and John McCain have all called on Moore to drop out of the Senate race in Alabama.
'We will find you': White House vows crackdown on 'staggering number of leaks'
Concern has been expressed after phone calls between President Trump and two world leaders were leaked this week.
'Don't open your door' - things have just gotten very, very real for illegal Irish in the US
Under Donald Trump’s presidency, US customs officials are directly targeting undocumented immigrants like Donegal man John Cunningham who seems set to be deported.
'Detestable and appalling lie': Jeff Sessions testifies on Russian links to US election
The US Attorney General contradicted some claims made by former FBI director James Comey last week.
US attorney general Jeff Sessions the next to face grilling over Russian interactions
Concerns have been raised about whether Sessions helped otherwise subvert the ongoing Russia-related investigations.
Assange asks Sweden to drop arrest warrant so that he can fly to Ecuador
Assange has so far lost eight bids to cancel the arrest warrant over rape allegations against him.
Arrest of Julian Assange a 'priority' in US clampdown on all leaks
“Whenever a case can be made, we will seek to put some people in jail,” US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.
The Russian government has been trolling Sarah Jessica Parker about its ambassador
The actress posted a meme about the Russia/Trump inquiry and they weren’t too impressed.
Trump 'furious' as FBI rejects claim Obama tapped his phones
Trump’s comments appear to be based on unverified claims made by the right-wing Breitbart News outlet.
The Russian government is trolling Sarah Jessica Parker, and 2017 keeps getting weirder
The actress posted a meme about the Russia/Trump inquiry and they weren’t too impressed.
'Witch hunt': How Russian media is covering the latest Trump controversy
The US Attorney General has come under fire after it emerged he met the Russian ambassador to the US during Trump’s election campaign.
'No need to step down'? US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has stood down from the Russia/Trump inquiry
Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the Senate, had earlier called for Jeff Sessions to resign, something the Attorney General has stopped short of doing.
Jeff Sessions, controversial senator consistently accused of racism, confirmed as US Attorney General
Sessions, a former attorney general of Alabama, was finally confirmed by the US Senate last night.
Jeff Sessions says he'd be a fair Attorney General and defy Trump if necessary
Civil rights advocates have rallied against his nomination, with protesters attending today’s Senate hearing.
Man who was denied a judge's seat after racism allegations set to be Trump's attorney general
Trump has tapped Mike Pompeo to be head of the CIA and former military intelligence chief Michael Flynn as national security adviser.