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# Land

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Govt would be interested in buying Conor Pass land, but not for €10 million, Varadkar says
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All time
Councils that can deliver rapid-build houses on sites will have land debt paid off
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86 burnt-out cars removed from site of planned new suburb ahead of project launch
How does a person end up owning land that belonged to Dublin City Council?
Farmer shot and injured in suspected dispute over land
Dublin woman now owns a quarter acre back garden due to council oversight
Two men arrested over €5 million land and forestry fraud
Mark Zuckerberg drops controversial lawsuits seeking to buy Hawaiian land
Dartmouth Square dispute features in finale of land documentary
Locals hopeful Ballymun site will sell and rejuvenate town
'People are holding onto land with no intention of developing it and just hoping for the best'
Good news for turf cutters: New laws will allow them to work on protected bogs
This Hollywood star's incredibly scenic former Cork retreat is up for grabs
Opinion: As a former Israeli soldier, I had to speak out about the injustices I participated in
NAMA to sell major site next to half-built former Anglo headquarters
Average value of Irish farm land drops €500 an acre
Dublin council bans animal-act circuses on public land
Gardaí called to auction sit-in protest in Maynooth
Israeli settlements in Palestine 'single biggest obstruction to peace'
Gilligan's Kildare estate up for sale - and could fetch €500k
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Minister warns of risk of more land and forest fires
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Why half of the world's food goes to waste
Committee finds Lowry breached ethics laws in not declaring shareholding in companies
Public ethics watchdog to investigate Lowry’s failure to declare land
Nearly 300 complaints against Lowry left in limbo as legal advice sought
Lowry declares land of "negligible value" after 83 complaints
Lowry responds to claims he failed to declare UK land interest
Documentary sheds light on Teresa Treacy's fight for her trees