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You'll only understand these terrors if you've learned to drive

In which case, you’ll never forget it.

LEARNING TO DRIVE is a deeply, deeply traumatic experience.

But you’ll only understand that after you’ve done it. You’ll recognise these things:

The tyranny of ‘the biting point’

And how it will come to rule your life.

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The fact that any romantic relationships will end badly

When you have the biggest fight of your life about whether your partner was being impatient when he/she told you to move off.

Stop being impatient. I’M NOT BEING IMPATIENT.


Ditto, your relationship with your father

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The terror of turning right

And fearing that you’re never going to find a gap big enough and will be found mummified in 50 years time, still indicating tragically to turn into Tesco off the Rathmines Road.


The overwhelming fear as you are approaching a hill that the lights will go red



Jaysus, the terror. REV TO A MILLION RPM.


The terrible realisation of how annoying you were as a passenger

  • “Turn right here!” (pointing to a one way street)
  • “Sure just park here” (pointing to a loading bay/disabled spot/bus stop/someone’s garden)
  • “Read this text” (shoving phone into driver’s face)

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Being absolutely convinced that you will hit any other object you can see

And there’s nothing you can do about it. Turning will not help.

YouTube/Ben Begas

Feeling totally overwhelmed at having to do what feels like a million things at once

Indicating, changing down gear, turning on your windscreen wipers, watching out for elderly people and being lost all at once AAAAARGGGHHH

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Having the chats with your instructor, and taking your foot off the clutch without taking the car out of gear

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And worst of all, everyone suddenly believing their gaff is on the way to your gaff

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Welcome to a lifetime of giving lifts (at least until your friends have learned too.) Happy driving!

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