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'I don't really get this thing where you'd hear players saying that it's not enjoyable'
Cathal Cregg retired 16 years after making his Roscommon debut and insists it was never a chore to play at the top level.
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Three out of 10 cancers in Ireland are 'potentially preventable through lifestyle changes'
That’s according to a new report published by the National Cancer Registry.
'My Westport café became a deli overnight'. Covid-19 challenges and a couple of recipes from Mayo
Lucy Bracken of Leafy Greens in Westport discusses the shutdown and offers a couple of tasty recipes.
'The future of food is local'. Dave Whelan of the Edible Landscape Project says now is the time for us to make the change
Whelan says we can make a small difference by thinking about our food sources.
Opinion: 'Can money buy you happiness? Not if you're spending it the wrong way'
Gill Hasson says that you should spend your money on experiences, not things.
Less than one-third of adults get enough exercise, but some workplaces want to change that
It’s recommended that adults get 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week.
Tom Clonan: My dance debut tonight will bring me back to conflict's heart of darkness
‘My tour of duty as an Irish peacekeeper was brutal, violent and profoundly shocking. It changed me. I never came back.’
Zero waste living: 'You regret not starting earlier - you see your whole life as a waste of money and time'
We speak to the Zero Waste guru Bea Johnson, who visits Dublin on Monday.
Poll: Do you get dragged into doing work while off-duty?
A new study has shown its contributing to people’s stress.
Happy Pear twins talk working on three hours sleep, no days off and those Jedward comparisons
The Greystones twins start their days at 5am and share nearly everything they do online.
'If I do break my diet I would be very sick" - living with coeliac disease isn't easy
We spoke to two people whose lives changed as a result of their diagnosis.
'I’m comfortable with my epilepsy. What is difficult are the assumptions around being a non-drinker'
I enjoyed partying and drinking with friends but then I was diagnosed with epilepsy.
An Irish guy travelling in South America made his own Tinder app to supercharge his matches
Rob O’Rourke says it got him ‘over 100′.
15 motivational messages that could actually change your life
Get yo ass in gear.
You don't have to go near a cage to experience the fitness benefits of MMA
The sport is growing in popularity as a means of keeping fit.
10 changes to make in your 30s to set yourself up for lifelong success
From your health to your wealth.
9 little lifestyle changes you can make to be healthier this year
Stop putting sugar in your tea for one.
PHOTOS: Have a look inside this billionaire's unbelievable Manhattan penthouse
We’ll happily sleep on the pool table.
Opinion: Extreme adventure races are fun, challenging, AND they helped me quit smoking
The knock-on effect of pushing myself physically has been immeasurable – on top of getting fitter, it’s also motivated me to say goodbye to cigarettes.
Opinion: How do you find the balance between your everyday life and spiritual experience?
Those moments of reflection and tuning out the hustle and bustle will make you a more effective person in your general life.
Opinion: The gender gap in sport is narrowing – let's keep going in the right direction
Women and girls are participating more in sports, and more consistently, in part because of strong examples set by homegrown female athletes.
Column: The five steps to emotional well-being
Positive mental health is a journey – sometimes enlightening, sometimes challenging, but most definitely worthwhile.
Here's what life looks like when you abandon civilisation
Off grid, on camera.
Living in Australia or Canada? Good choice says The Economist, Dublin not so much
Melbourne is the best city to live worldwide but Dublin is way down the list.
Opinion: Hold the gluten please! Why we all need to understand coeliac disease
The demand for gluten-free foods is ever-increasing and many are wondering what the gluten-free craze is about. Dr Edel Keaveney fills us in …
7 delicious lunches that ACTUALLY only take 15 minutes to make
For real. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you’ve got the time.
Column: Beware the passion killers – how to keep the spark alive in your relationship
Passionate love is a complex mix psychological processes, hormones and evolutionary drives – and at some point in every relationship “the spark” flickers. But there are ways to keep it strong, writes Tony Moore.
Young Leinster fan doesn't take kindly to Isaac Boss ruining his new jersey
€50 for the home infants kit and Bossy cracks the permanent marker out.
6 amazingly inventive homes
From eco-friendly to space-saving, check out these clever home-owners.
Eight things we learned about Sean Dunne from his bankruptcy
Former tycoon’s personal finances were detailed in court documents last week
9 stylists that give us fashion envy
Want to be a celebrity stylist? Learn from the best.
15 productivity tips to help you escape the 9-5 lifestyle
If you’re spending 12 hours a day at your job and still not finishing your work, it’s time to make a change.
15 ways to beat anxiety now
Daily stress affects us all – these tips will help you on your way to being cool as a cucumber.
UK police to treat attacks on goths and punks as hate crimes
Greater Manchester Police said that people should be able to express their alternative sub-culture identity freely without having to tolerate hate crime.
How to get sh!t done working from home
Yahoo says that its employees are no longer allowed to work from home – but if you do, these are the benefits and drawback of telecommuting that you need to know…
How can Ireland reduce lifestyle-related cancer rates?
A Seanad committee has come up with what it believes are some answers to tackling Ireland’s high incidence of cancer.
9 dieting gimmicks you should stop wasting money on
No, really, put down those toning shoes.
8 scientifically proven ways to boost your self-confidence
We scoped out some recent studies to bring you 8 scientifically proven ways to boost your self-esteem…
Study of one million women says giving up smoking can extend life for ten years
The study published in The Lancet found that the earlier women give up, the more likely they are to not to see their lifespan cut by a decade.
Lifestyle ‘vices’ pushing up life assurance premiums, says insurer
Smoking, drinking and over-eating are causing insurance policies to rise, says Caledonian Life.