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7 delicious lunches that ACTUALLY only take 15 minutes to make

For real. If you’ve got 15 minutes, you’ve got the time.

SOMETIMES, IF YOU’RE in a hurry, it can be easy to write off cooking as too time-consuming to bother with.

That or you’re lazy. Either way, we welcome you to this new world of 15 minute meals. And no, not Jamie Oliver “says it takes 15 minutes, actually takes two days” type of 15 minutes. The real deal. And not “beans on toast” style real deal either.

(Also: salad is a cop-out. These are all filling.)

1. Egg fried rice

If you’ve got leftover rice (properly stored, remember rice is a killer for food poisoning if not kept correctly) then forget the Chinese takeaway because you should be making your own fried rice. It’s a leftovers meal but you can honestly make it nicer than they do in your local Dragon River in 10 minutes – egg, veg, spices, tofu, leftover chicken if you fancy. Go wild. Recipe.

Source: Kanko*

2. White bean and tomato soup

Any beans work with this – you might want to try chickpeas or cannelloni beans. This is simple and hearty, and the kind of soup that can be jazzed up by your favourite spices. Add some tabasco, if that’s what you’re into. Why not? You make the rules. Parmesan on top, that’s mandatory though. Recipe.

Source: thestonesoup.com

3. Pan-fried sausage and fennel pasta

Take the skins off sausages and what do you get? The ideal thing to pan-fry and eat with pasta. Get your frozen peas, mint and parmesan out and have them going as the pasta cooks. Recipe me right up.

Source: The Stone Soup

4. Buttermilk pancakes

The pancakes made from this recipe are referred to as “lofty pancakes” in their title because they are so fluffy and big. It has something to do with the way you add the eggs, apparently. Whack some fruit on them, or alternatively fry some rashers to make it savoury. If you have a box of free rangers about to go off and a spare 10 minutes, it doesn’t always have to be scrambled eggs for dinner.

Source: AustinMatherne

5. Cashew pork stir fry

Got your peppers, got your peas, onions, carrots, garlic, five spice, cashews. Doesn’t have to be pork, either, but obviously buying some pork belly is a delicious treat you might not get every day. A stir fry feels healthy and virtuous and can be customised forever. Try this recipe. Lunchbox that mother for work in the morning.

Source: Sandy Austin

6. Steak and salsa verde

Most cuts of steak take only a few minutes in the pan and a few minutes afterwards to rest, so they’re ideal for a 10 minute turnaround. However, we know that everyone does their steak THEIR way, so here’s a recipe for a quick salsa verde to make for on top as your meat gets perfect.

Source: thekitcn.com

7. Thai-style omelette or Kai Jeow

Perfect if you’re cooking for one or have to eat something late at night. Fish sauce is the secret ingredient here, as well as the browned, crispy texture – making it a different beast to your average French-style omelette. Recipe here.

Source: thekitchn.com

What’s your favourite proper quick meal? AND NO SPAGHETTI HOOPS DON’T COUNT!

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