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# Loneliness

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9th June 2024 - 15th June 2024
Most family carers struggling to make ends meet and suffering from loneliness, survey finds
Last year
ALONE recommends older people to engage with their local community to combat loneliness
All time
Leading charity needs to double volunteer base due to 'endemic' loneliness among older people
Opinion: 'Covid left many feeling disregarded by society because they don’t live in a family unit'
Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
Covid-19 and restrictions have had 'devastating impact' on mental health of LGBTI+ young people in Ireland
Young women in Ireland report being loneliest in EU, study finds
One-third of Irish adults over 50 report feeling lonely at least some of the time
First of its kind fund launched to tackle loneliness
'Sometimes they're just lonely and want a chat': What it means to volunteer at Childline
Why we need a minister with responsibility for loneliness
Keith Swanick
Poor sleep triggers viral loneliness and social rejection, study finds
'I feel more secure': How HomeShare has been bringing the old and young together
'It's an epidemic': Taskforce established to tackle issue of loneliness in Ireland
'At a time such as Storm Emma we can feel the emptiness of endless time without boundaries'
Stephanie Regan
Poll: Should Ireland have a minister for loneliness?
Despite all our new communication modes, people are lonelier than ever
Keith Swanick
Britain appoints 'Minister for Loneliness' to tackle the 'sad reality of modern life'
'It can be a rough time': How comedian Sarah Millican is helping people who spend Christmas alone
'I'd love more people to come out to me because I'm not getting out as much as I used to'
It's very Irish to be ashamed if you don’t stumble upon love by some act of serendipity
Rena Maycock
A woman reached out to a lonely Daily Mail commenter and something wonderful happened
Guess what? It’s OK to be single, feel sad or have a few pounds to lose
Kate O'Shaughnessy
It's a jungle out there – how do you date successfully in modern Ireland?
William Phelan
Online counselling offers easy-to-reach support for depression and anxiety
Fears that deaths by suicide rose over Christmas period
Opinion: Learning from the Paris bloodshed – the need for an intercultural Ireland
Orla McGarry
Column: Too much “stuff” – what causes hoarding?
Olivia Gordon
If you need to talk to somebody today, there are people who WANT to listen
Opinion: Breaking up (around Christmas) is hard to do
Tony Moore
Opinion: A simple act of kindness could help someone feeling alone at this time of year
Shane Kelly
Opinion: You’re never too old to talk – so don't overlook older people's mental health
Shane Kelly
Opinion: Yes, social media sometimes makes us feel alone – but it also shows we're not
Fiona Kennedy
A helpline is the only contact some elderly people have with others
Loneliness is a health risk for the elderly
Older generation feeling 'harsh impact' of emigration, says helpline
Poll: Will you call into a neighbour today?
Christmas can 'heighten feelings of loneliness and despair'
Column: For many this Christmas, loneliness will turn the minutes into hours
Gareth O’Callaghan
Column: Is loneliness in old age inevitable? Not in a caring society.
Anne Dempsey
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