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Couple who won €43 million only checked ticket after friend told them to
David and Carol Martin have said they might use some of the money for the flood recovery effort.
Poll: If you won €10m, would you tell anyone?
Tonight’s Lotto jackpot is €10m. Would you tell anyone if you won?
Once-in-a-while syndicate scoop €150k after missing out on jackpot by one ball
The group missed out on a €51 million Euromillions jackpot.
The biggest Euromillions jackpot this year is up for grabs this evening
Someone has to win, right?
Someone is waking up €5.3 million richer today
Lucky them.
'I burst into tears': Woman kicks off weekend with Lotto win
Some good news for your Friday evening.
Man finds $20, plays lottery and wins $1 million
One very lucky guy.
Man wins big on the lotto after his girlfriend picks the numbers from Thailand
He says he’s buying a house here and in Thailand.
Syndicate looks forward to making 'lives easier' after winning €2.5 million
The winning couple have said they will be making “plenty” of charitable donations.
Poll: Will the Lotto price increase put you off playing?
Or do you play the game at all?
Did you play the Lotto last night? Check your ticket
The €6 million jackpot has yet to be claimed.
Lotto winner: 'I don't want a Lamborghini, just a new shower door'
Those things depreciate so fast (cars, not shower doors).
Family win €500,000 after buying their first EuroMillions ticket
They also won €6 on a scratch card two weeks ago.
Heartbreak for Ireland as quarter-final shoot-out defeat dents Olympic hopes
China advance to the last four at Ireland’s expense.
Yet MORE problems with the Lotto machines - hours before the big Saturday draw
Another technical glitch.
A woman bought a lotto ticket instead of an ice-cream and won €500,000
Good call.
Woman plays Lotto for the first time, wins €350,000
Ah here.
Couple win £1m on EuroMillions for the SECOND time (but still live in a caravan)
The odds of it happening are of 283 BILLION to 1.
The Lakers are in real danger of ruining their season... by winning too many games
Kobe and company could do with losing a few more.
Senator warns of need to stop 'Lotto junkies'
Will recent machine problems lead to a surge in online gambling?
Man discovers he's won €350,000 jackpot ... eight weeks later
He’s going to surprise his wife with the news tonight.
Winner of €3 million Lotto jackpot has just 10 days to collect prize
Did you buy a Lotto ticket in late November? Did you check your numbers?
A man needed change for lunch so bought a lottery ticket and won €8.9 million
Lunch never tasted so good.
Father and son just one number short of €31 million jackpot ... but making do with their €300k
First world problems, right?
Here's what you should be doing if you want to win the lottery
Órla Molloy and Neasa Early from Drogheda have looked into patterns surrounding number repetition.
Wexford man finds €350,000 lotto ticket in his wallet ... after a month
Better late than never.
National lottery winner hopes to "live long enough to spend it"
John Foley, originally from Kerry, said he plans to share his €350,000 winnings with his wife and kids.
Reddit users are trying to make one random person a millionaire - but it isn't going to plan
The experiment hasn’t quite raised $1 million.
This is the store that sold the winning €87m EuroMillions ticket
The winner came from the Centra store in Ballybrack.
Check your tickets - the €87m EuroMillions winner is in Ireland
You could be richer right now. You lucky thing.
More bad news for Rehab: Charity loses lottery case against State
Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has welcomed today’s High Court ruling.
There was one winner of last night's massive 12 million Lotto jackpot
It’s the 11th biggest jackpot in the history of the Lotto. The winning ticket was sold in the North West.
Meet the couple who won the lottery three times... in one month
Here’s how much they collected.
No surprises as Irish broadband prices one of the highest in EU
The price difference in advertised broadband between some EU countries can be as much as 400 per cent.
One lucky person won the €8.3 million Lotto last night
Rehab’s Angela Kerins is paid €240,000 a year
Kerins’ package includes a six per cent define contribution payment.
The 6 that shared the Lotto jackpot? One of them has to share it again...
Despite literally winning the lottery, they will receive a relatively modest €98,000.
Carpets filled with maggots and GAA lotteries: The week in quotes
“Frankly, on a personal level, I think it’s quite disgusting.”
Every day Rehab doesn't disclose salary causes 'dreadful damage' to charities
Deirdre Garvey of Wheel said charities need to “step up to the plate” and show the public that they are in line with best practice.
'Your local GAA lottery wouldn't work like this': Varadkar criticises Rehab Group
The Transport Minister also moved to defend Minister Shatter, saying he was ‘doing the right thing’ by putting details of Rehab’s profits on the public record.