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Mayweather-McGregor PPV numbers set to fall short of Mayweather-Pacquaio record - report
In candid admission of fading skills, Mayweather says he hopes McGregor doesn't box again
'He is an exceptional fighter': Max Kellerman changes his tune after spirited McGregor effort
Almost 6,000 seats were left unsold for Mayweather-McGregor
'I definitely feel boxers hit harder. I wouldn't necessarily say if he lands a left hand it's game over'
More footage emerges from Conor McGregor's sparring with Paulie Malignaggi
Rory McIlroy fears Mayweather and McGregor are conspiring behind the scenes
'When this fight turns out to be a farce, people shouldn't blame boxing. They should blame themselves'
Nevada Commission grant Mayweather and McGregor special permission to fight in 8oz gloves
'I have yet to really see an MMA fighter who moves their head' - MMA convert Heather Hardy
'Who the **** would want to promote this guy? He can’t fight for ****. Don’t you understand?'
'In my first boxing fight, I had to constantly tell myself not to kick the guy'
John Kavanagh outlines why Conor McGregor hasn't hired a boxing trainer for Mayweather fight
'I had to stop the action, say, ‘You guys are a little out of control here, you’ve got to stop this’'
'Mayweather's clinch is completely novice': John Kavanagh outlines McGregor's potential advantages
'I'm half black from the belly button down': Conor McGregor fueled a racism row with his comments last night
Mayweather: 'If I fight again, big chance it'll be McGregor'