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# Meow!

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# Quiz
Quiz: How much do you know about cats?
Meow, meow, etc
# You must be kitten me?
Cat filter accidentally left on during Pakistani minister's live press conference
“I wasn’t the only one, two officials sitting along me were also hit by the cat filter,” the minister said.
Ireland's first catnip farm: 'Irish cats need good quality catnip'
We caught up with the woman behind Fred’s Catnip Farm at the National Ploughing Championship.
20 pieces of indisputable evidence that all cats are evil
The list of their atrocities is endless.
# Terror Threat
Here's why Brussels residents on lockdown were tweeting pictures of their cats last night
It’s what happens when police ask for “radio silence”.
# Meow!
Manchester United bite back after Real Madrid blame them for De Gea fallout
United say the FA can back up their claims.
# purrfect crime
Cat bites woman, woman bites man, woman gets arrested
The woman was charged with domestic violence.
An Australian cat has ended up in Northern Ireland and nobody knows how
You have cat to be kitten me.
Is this cat going up or down the stairs?
It’s The Dress all over again.
# haunted
What unspeakable horrors has this cat seen?
What’s wrong, kitty?
# Stormy Weather
This screaming cat sums up everyone's feelings about going outside tonight
Listen to that wailing.
# pizza cat
Cats have taken over a Japanese Pizza Hut
… and they’re not doing a very good job.
AA Roadwatch had to issue an excellent Twitter clarification about a cat
# Meow!
This adorable little kitten just wants the chats
Are you cute? MEO-YES.
# Techno Cats
Cats puking hairballs to techno music is the oddest thing on the internet
Hairball Techno takes cat videos to new heights.
# Meow!
Cat loses mind watching twirly toy
Exactly how we all feel sometimes.
# cat-ernet sauvignon
Wine for cats is a real life thing now
In Japan, of course.
# claws are out
Cat revenge is the best revenge of all
They may look cute, but looks can be deceiving.
# Feud
Sergio Garcia lays into Tiger, says he's been lying to media for 15 years
They’re still going at it, those lads.
# Meeeow
Tumblr of the Day: Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls
Happy Friday.
# Meow!
Three-month-old kitten recovering after cross-Pacific journey – without food
It’s not known how the kitten ended up in a shipping container which made a two-week trip from China to the US.
# Step Away
Will Smith slaps journalist who tried to kiss him
Smith slapped the male television reporter who tried to kiss him before the Moscow premiere of “Men in Black III.”
# Meow!
Twitter spat after Calvin Harris dropped from Katy Perry's Dublin date
DJ Calvin Harris – who was due to support Katy Perry at the O2 tonight – tweets his frustration about the set setup.
# Meow!
Video parodies IKEA cat ad
“At the end of the day, the store was returned to normal, so the hairy furniture could be sold to suckers like you.”
# Meow!
Nokia's below-the-belt attack on HTC at handset launch
Check out this ‘gift pack’ given to people attending Nokia World yesterday – including a ‘HTC’ (ham, tomato, cheese) sandwich.