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# Space
Nasa Webb telescope captures image of star on cusp of death 15,000 light-years away
The star in the constellation Sagittarius, officially known as WR 124, is 30 times as massive as our sun.
Astronauts return to Earth after five-month mission at the International Space Station
Their capsule splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico just off the Florida coast near Tampa.
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasts off for International Space Station
The SpaceX Dragon Crew-6 mission launched at 05:34 Irish time this morning from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre.
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# near-Earth object
Lorry-sized asteroid to come 'extraordinarily close' to Earth but NASA says it poses no danger
It was discovered on Saturday from an observatory in Crimea.
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# to infinity and beyond
Nasa’s Orion capsule enters moon orbit as test mission nears halfway point
The mission is one of a number of test runs intended to return humans to the moon by 2025.
NASA spacecraft comes within 80 miles of Moon ahead of record-breaking orbit
The capsule will travel nearly 250,000 miles from Earth, the longest distance for a spacecraft designed for astronauts.
# to infinity and beyond
Nasa's James Webb space telescope spots early galaxies hidden from Hubble
The Webb telescope is indicating stars may have formed sooner than previously thought.
# Artemis
NASA successfully launches new powerful rocket heading for the Moon
It was third time lucky for NASA after two previous launch attempts were canceled for technical reasons.
# Let's Get Quizzical
Quiz: How much do you know about the Moon?
Nasa has again rescheduled its long-delayed uncrewed mission to the Moon.
# challenger
Section of destroyed space shuttle Challenger found on ocean floor
The shuttle broke apart shortly after lift-off on 28 January 1986, killed seven people on board.
# Artemis
Long-delayed, uncrewed NASA Moon mission delayed again due to storm
It is the third delay of the highly-anticipated launch in as many months.
# Space
Nasa spaceship succeeds in deflecting asteroid in historic test
“We showed the world that Nasa is serious as a defender of this planet,” said Nasa chief Bill Nelson.
# Europa
Nasa spacecraft makes close approach to Jupiter moon Europa
The Juno spacecraft zoomed past Europa on Thursday, passing within 222 miles.
# crash course
Nasa tests defence technology by crashing spacecraft into asteroid
The aim of the mission was to demonstrate that dangerous incoming rocks can be deflected by deliberately smashing into them.
# no space
NASA calls off Moon launch due to tropical storm
Artemis 1 is an uncrewed mission around the moon that will pave the way for future crewed missions.
# Space Telescope
Neptune and rings shine in photos from Webb space telescope
Nasa’s Voyager 2 was the first spacecraft to see Neptune in all its gaseous glory, during a 1989 flyby.
# Florida
Nasa postpones rocket launch to the moon for the second time
The launch was originally planned for 29 August but had to be abandoned moments before lift-off due to issues with an engine.
# Your Say
Poll: Will you watch the Nasa launch today?
The test is an uncrewed mission around the moon.
Lunchbox-sized instrument successfully generates oxygen on Mars
It is hoped that at full capacity, the system should generate enough oxygen to sustain humans once they arrive on Mars.
# Artemis 1
NASA will try again to launch its new Moon rocket on Saturday
The two-hour launch window will begin at 7:17 pm Irish time.
# we have a problem
Nasa's Artemis 1 moon rocket launch postponed due to engine issue
The next available launch date for the mission will be on Friday, but a decision has not yet been made on whether it will go ahead.
# Space
Nasa's 'most powerful rocket' set for launch of Artemis 1 moon mission
While this mission will be uncrewed, the agency aims to put people on the Moon in 2025.
# Space Oddity
'Drop everything and go': Russian spacewalk cut short due to issue with faulty suit
Wednesday’s mission was the seventh spacewalk for Oleg Artemyev.
# infinity and beyond
Nasa has released the clearest-ever photo of galaxies in deep space
The stunning shot shows thousands of galaxies from billions of years ago.
# we have a problem
Contact lost with spacecraft on way to test moon orbit, Nasa says
The spacecraft had spent nearly a week in Earth orbit when contact was lost.
# rocket launch
NASA launches first rocket from new Australian space centre
The launch was the first of three planned missions for June and July.
# unknown unknowns
Nasa launches independent team to study UFOs despite ‘reputational risk’
The space agency considers this a first step in trying to explain UFOs.
# Space
Nasa to launch three rockets from private Australian space port
Three rockets will be launched from the Arnhem Space Centre on Indigenous-owned land near the mining town of Nhulunbuy.
# houston we have a plant
Scientists successfully grow plants in soil from the moon
The ground-breaking experiment has given researchers hope that it may be possible to one day grow plants directly on the moon.
# Liftoff
First Nasa crew comprised equally of men and women heads to ISS on SpaceX flight
The crew, including Jessica Watkins, the first black woman making a long-term spaceflight, will spend five months at the orbiting lab.
# we have a problem
Fuel leak thwarts Nasa’s dress rehearsal for moon rocket
Liquid hydrogen is extremely hazardous, with officials noting that the systems had been checked for leaks prior to the test.
# Liftoff
SpaceX launches three private visitors to space station for €50 million each
It is SpaceX’s first private charter flight to the orbiting lab after two years of carrying astronauts there for Nasa.
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# space jam
Space telescope project started in 1989 set to launch Christmas eve
Multiple problems forced delays and a tripling of the telescope’s original budget with a final price tag of nearly $10 billion.
# Meteor Shower
Geminid meteor shower to light up the night sky tomorrow
Geminids are very bright, moderately fast, and are unusual in being multi-coloured.
# Discovery
Nasa’s newest X-ray telescope rockets into orbit
Scientists said the observatory will unveil the most dramatic and extreme parts of the universe as never before.
# disaster prep
NASA launches spacecraft to kick an asteroid off course
The asteroids in question pose no threat to our planet.
# don't want to miss a thing
NASA to fire spaceship at asteroid to see if it's a good way of deflecting them away from Earth
The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is to determine whether this is an effective way to deflect the course of an asteroid.
# Perseverance
Cambridge Dictionary reveals its word of the year for 2021
The word has been looked up on its website more than 243,000 times globally during 2021.
Opinion: How life on Mars made me a better citizen of Earth
Dr Niamh Shaw says it took her Mars simulation training for her to realise just how precious life on Earth really is.
# Lucy in the sky
Nasa spacecraft Lucy blasts off on 12-year mission to explore asteroids
Lucy is named after the 3.2 million-year-old skeletal remains of a human ancestor found in Ethiopia nearly half a century ago.