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21st May 2023 - 27th May 2023
# Nature
Degraded land in Dublin mountains to be restored under new biodiversity project
The project is seeking to restore land and improve biodiversity across 2,000 hectares around the Glenasmole Valley.
This month
May 2023
Green MEPs 'very' concerned by opposition to plan for restoring nature and rewetting Irish bogs
A report by
Lauren Boland
Two Green MEPs from Ireland and Germany gave an in-depth interview to The Journal on the proposed Nature Restoration Law.
PSNI investigating after two native eagles found dead in Co Antrim
The bird is the UK’s largest native bird of prey.
Extract: 'There is a legend that all the Irish rivers were created by a single hailstorm'
Ecologist and author, Richard Nairn shares an excerpt from his new book Wild Waters.
Last month
April 2023
# Nature
Children's assembly on biodiversity calls on Ireland to 'treat the Earth like family'
Young people aged seven to 17 have created nearly 60 recommendations on protecting and restoring Ireland’s biodiversity.
This year
The Bee Guy: It's Mother's Day soon, so let's pause and thank the original mother - this planet
Paul Handrick of The Bee Sanctuary pays tribute to his late mother and the way she inspired him to champion biodiversity.
# Drop the shears
Public reminded not to cut hedges from today to protect nesting birds
The annual summer ban comes into force comes into force today until the end of August.
Ireland fares worst at managing protected nature sites in new EU report
A report by
Niall Sargent
Out of 10 countries, Ireland underperformed in every measure aimed at protecting at-risk species such as the curlew and corncrake.
Report examined the effectiveness of measures to protect vulnerable species in Special Protection Areas (SPAs)
No Irish case had targeted, measurable and time-bound conservation measures to deliver the favourable status of species
"Incomplete and/or irregular” monitoring of many species also found
# Nature
Assembly on biodiversity calls on Government to reassess aims of Coillte at final meeting
The assembly’s conclusions so far include that the State has “comprehensively failed” on biodiversity.
# Greenland
Study finds Greenland ice sheet is at its warmest level in past 1,000 years
Findings suggest between 2001 and 2011 the ice sheet was on average 1.5C warmer than during the 20th century.
Last year
Malcolm Noonan: It's not enough to watch threatened species struggle to survive
The Green Party TD looks at the agreement at Cop 15 Biodiversity conference in Canada and says time is running out for nature.
# Research
Fossil ‘overturns more than a century of knowledge about origin of modern birds’
Each of the roughly 11,000 species of birds on Earth today is classified into one of two groups, based on the arrangement of their palate bones.
# Nature
Citizens' Assembly on biodiversity to hear from Dr Jane Goodall at final meeting
The assembly will send recommendations to the government on how to solve the biodiversity emergency.
# peat sake
Commission warns Ireland over ‘stalled’ action to halt extraction in protected peatlands
The State has two months to act or potentially face legal action before the European Court of Justice.
# Climate
Leaves fall early in UK after heatwave as experts warn of Ireland's vulnerability
The Devon Wildlife Trust said it has observed signs of ‘false autumn’ at 60 nature reserves.
Opinion: Rivers are our last true wilderness in Ireland
Author John Connell writes about how a canoe trip in lockdown showed him the importance of the country’s waterways.
The Bee Guy: Diary of a mother bumble bee stuck at the window
Paul Handrick charts the story of that one bee you hear tapping at the window to get out, and he asks us to help her escape.
The Bee Guy: The girls are back in town - tips for helping the bumblebee queens
Paul Handrick has some helpful advice for keeping queen bumblebees alive if you see them in trouble.
# ring-necked parakeets
BirdWatch Ireland calls for reports of invasive parrot species after sightings in Dublin park
The birds have been spotted in Griffith Park in Drumcondra.
# Emergency
Taoiseach to bring proposal to Cabinet to form citizens' assembly on biodiversity
Campaigners have been waiting for the assembly to be called since a biodiversity emergency was declared in 2019.
# lough rea
Egyptian vulture spotted in Co Roscommon
The male bird was first observed yesterday morning by the National Parks and Wildlife Services warden.
All time
Crackdown sees 50 cases launched against illegal hedge cutting this year
A report by
Niall Sargent
Action by National Parks and Wildlife Service this year represents huge increase; only 70 cases were taken across the whole previous decade.
Huge crackdown on illegal cutting during bird nesting season over the past two years, writes Niall Sargent of Noteworthy
Since 2020, the wildlife service has taken as many cases to court as it did between 2010 and 2019
Over €45,000 was paid by guilty parties in fines, costs and donations to charities this year alone
# Nature
'It is urgent': 'Frustration' that still no date set for Citizens' Assembly on biodiversity
The 2020 Programme for Government committed to progressing an assembly on this topic.
This planned Citizens' Assembly is currently "under discussion at a senior level" between two government departments.
Environmentalists have said it's "frustrating" to still be awaiting a timeline for the assembly.
Ireland declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2019.
The Explainer x Noteworthy: What can be done to halt the decline of our precious biodiversity?
Loss of Ireland's biodiversity is accelerating - and we're missing the chance to halt it
# cash cow
A win for farming, a win for nature: scheming for sustainability
Farm subsidies to protect biodiversity need to be channelled into results-led projects.
# red list
Komodo dragon and two in five shark species in danger of becoming extinct
About 28% of the 138,000 species assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature are now at risk of vanishing.
# Biodiversity
Funding failure: Most of Ireland's biodiversity spend goes on schemes that have little impact
Ireland’s overall spending on biodiversity protection is also under internationally-accepted levels.
Loss of Ireland's biodiversity is accelerating - and we're missing the chance to halt it
A report by
Niall Sargent
Noteworthy reveals virtually no protected sites have management plans and Ireland is moving further away from a target for effective nature conservation.
A host of iconic Irish species and habitats are under threat, writes Niall Sargent in first part of Noteworthy's investigation into biodiversity loss
Virtually none of our protected nature areas have management plans
An expert forum has labelled the State as the “biggest transgressor of environmental law in Ireland”
# ah petal
Quiz: How much do you know about flowers?
Test your knowledge.
Merlin Sheldrake: 'Fungi are metabolic wizards - they can explore, scavenge and salvage ingeniously'
The biologist and writer shares an extract from his book Entangled Life.
# Nature
Almost 50% increase in Irish birds on endangered list following 'alarming' population declines
One in four birds is now on the so-called red list.
# Shear Force
'Whole ditches disappearing overnight': hedgerows falling foul to larger farms
Noteworthy finds biodiversity in a battle with some farming practices – and a low level of accountability demanded by the Department of Agriculture.
# Shear Force
3,000 kilometres cut in three years: Ireland's hedgerow heritage at risk
Noteworthy discovers rich hedgerow resource cut back by local authorities during bird nesting season.
# Nature
Human activity sends wildlife into ‘freefall’ with 66% drop in global populations since 1970
Charity WWF is calling for national laws to stop the impact of human activity on nature.
# Good eyes
Spiders, sharks and science: The best pictures from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards
The photos come from the almost 50,000 entries to the Natural History Museum’s competition.
# Biodiversity
Reduce mowing and phasing out chemicals: Dublin City Council's plans for 'wilding' of landscape
The council said that many parks, and all playgrounds, are now chemical-free.
# Nature
Over 500 plant species became extinct in the past 250 years, new study finds
A new study has found that plant extinction is occurring up to 500 times faster than ‘natural’ rates.
# Bee on the lookout
A new survey is asking people to report sightings of wild honey bee colonies in Ireland this summer
The survey is the first of its kind in Europe.
# extinction
'We're in trouble': Landmark UN report details unprecedented decline in nature
Over one million animal and plant species are now at risk of extinction.
# Photography
These breathtaking photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year
The contest carries a $7,500 first prize.
# Photography
These stunning photos are up for the National Geographic Travel Photo of the Year
Entries are still being accepted.