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This year
Former French president Sarkozy faces 2025 trial over alleged Libyan corruption
Prosecutors allege that he took money from late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi to fund one of his election campaigns.
All time
Former French President Sarkozy given new jail term
The charges relate to illegal campaign funding.
French court to deliver verdict in ex-president Sarkozy's corruption trial next March
The trial wrapped up this evening after the last of the defence was concluded.
Prosecutors in Sarkozy corruption trial want ex-French President to get four-year jail term
“What did I do to deserve this?” asked Sarkozy in court yesterday.
Corruption trial suspended for former French president Nicolas Sarkozy
The trial will resume on Thursday.
Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over campaign financing
Sarkozy is being questioned over suspected Libyan financing of his election campaign in 2007.
Nicolas Sarkozy to face trial over 'fraudulent' election financing
The former French president has described the controversy as a “farce”.
Nicolas Sarkozy knocked out of French presidential race
In a major upset, Francois Fillon, a pro-business conservative, took more than 44% of the vote in the first round of the rightwing primary.
France's far-right makes major gains in first election since shooting attacks
President Francois Hollande’s Socialist party has been struggling for support.
France's left-wing government just got a major slap in the face
It comes as the country’s far-right movement grows in power.
Nicolas Sarkozy is back in the driving seat of his old political party
It places him firmly on the starting blocks in his race back to the presidential palace
Sarkozy's corruption probe suspended after his comeback announcement
A source says that the inquiry doesn’t have to give a reason.
New phone leaks show Sarkozy "offered plum job to judge"
The former French president was charged two weeks ago with corruption and influence peddling in a case related to his 2007 campaign.
Sarkozy says France is trying to 'humiliate and destroy' him
The former French President took to the airwaves to fight back.
Former French President charged with corruption
The charge looks set to end Sarkozy’s hopes of a political comeback.
Nicolas Sarkozy detained by police in corruption probe
The questioning of the former French president is an unprecedented move.
Michel Platini says politics influenced Qatar 2022 World Cup win
The Uefa President also mocked Sepp Blatter in an interview that will likely cause controversy.
Sarkozy calls corruption charge 'unfair and unfounded'
The former French president is accused of accepting envelopes stuffed with cash from ailing L’Oreal heiress Bettencourt to fund his 2007 election campaign.
Sarkozy charged with taking advantage of elderly heiress
Sarkozy was unexpectedly summoned for a face-to-face encounter with staff members of Liliane Bettencourt over claims he accepted envelopes stuffed with cash.
Football stars avoid French plan for 75% income tax
Footballers earning over €1m, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, would have lost a heft chunk of their weekly wage.
Sarkozy ally Jean-Francois Cope wins leadership of French opposition
Amid claims of ‘ballot stuffing’ and ‘major fraud’ Jean-Francois Cope has won a divisive and close leadership election.
Both candidates to succeed Sarkozy claim win in French party election
Both Jean-Francois Cope and Francois Fillon say membesr of the centre-right UMP have elected them as its new leader.
Romney caught on tape... who else has fallen foul of hidden recordings?
Mitt Romney’s been caught rapid dismissing 47 per cent of American voters. Who else didn’t know the mic was on?
France's richest man to sue paper which told him to 'get lost'
Bernard Arnault has created controversy with news that he is to become a Belgian citizen but he says he will continue to comply with French taxes which are set to rise for millionaires.
Controversial Carla Bruni statue erected in Paris
But figure modelled on France’s former first lady hasn’t been put in public – as was the original plan.
The progression in world views on Syria's conflict
Take a look at how the views of world leaders progressed since the start of the Syrian protests.
Hollande compares footballers to French soldiers
The French President also believes money has little to do with the national team’s problems.
Nicolas Sarkozy's home searched by French police
Police are investigating whether Sarkozy received illegal campaign donations from the richest woman in Europe for his presidential campaign.
France's Socialist Party poised to take parliamentary majority
President Francois Hollande’s parliamentary majority will give him the opportunity to push through budget and tax reforms, and to move away from austerity towards growth.
Shoeing, pieing and 7 other things politicians have had thrown at them
Rotten tomatoes anyone?
Hollande hands new ministers 30 per cent pay cut
The move means France’s new president is now on a lower salary than Enda Kenny – and his ministers will earn less than junior ministers here.
In pictures: How to... become French president in 7 steps
Francois Hollande was sworn in as the seventh president of France’s Fifth Republic today. Here’s how it all unfolded…
Le nouveau président: Hollande to be sworn in today
To contrast the “bling” and “flash” of Sarkozy, today’s ceremony will be appropriately sober.
Awkward ‘Must We Stand Beside Each Other?’ Pic of the Day
They’ve spent a month at each other’s throats – but this morning Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy stood side by side in Paris.
Euro dips following French and Greek election results
Investors are concerned political upheaval could derail government austerity measures and worsen the bloc’s debt problems.
Gilmore: Ireland will hold referendum despite Hollande victory
The Tánaiste says the Irish referendum will go ahead as planned, despite a vow by France’s president-elect to renegotiate the Fiscal Compact.
Francois Hollande wins French presidential election
Nicolas Sarkozy has conceded defeat after polls showed him in line to lose the ballot.
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French election hangs in balance - but polls suggest Sarkozy defeat
The first ballots have been cast today in a vote that could have major consequences for Europe.