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The Arctic endured one of its hottest years in 2020, study finds
The year 2020 did not beat the record set in 2012, but came quite close.
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Polar bear shot dead in 'self-defence' after wounding cruise ship worker
The man suffered head injuries before a co-worker shot the bear.
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Record temperatures as the North Pole gets a heatwave for Christmas
As the North Pole is made up completely of sea ice, it may mean that Santa Claus will have to transfer his operations elsewhere.
Santa wants to remind all the Irish boys and girls to get their letters in early
Santa said all the elves are working really hard to get the gifts ready for Christmas Eve.
# An Post
An Post investigation underway after Santa letter doesn't reach North Pole
Cue one baffled three-year-old.
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Here's what happens to your Christmas cards at the Dublin mail centre
It’s strangely spellbinding.
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Blizzard may cause some problems for Santa ... But don't worry, it should pass by Christmas Eve
Santa’s coming … Just five sleeps to go. But will he have a clear run to Ireland from the North Pole?
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Irish duo forced to abandon 780km North Pole trek after sled accident
It’s the second time Clare O’Leary and Mike O’Shea have had to abandon an attempt at the Pole.
Minus 50 degrees you say? Let's go for a dip....
Two adventurers planning the first Irish trek to the North Pole have been acclimatising themselves in remote northern Canada.
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Here's why the first ever Irish trek to the North Pole could be the last ever by humans
Daytime temperatures of minus 50, costs that could run to €100,000 plus, and at least 780km to cover (depending on the temperament of the Arctic ice)…
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Varadkar waives fees and charges for Santa as mystery surrounds time he'll reach Ireland
The Transport Minister has confirmed that the Irish Aviation Authority has waived fees and charges for the big fella…
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Santa leaves the North Pole in just over 2 hours according to Google Maps
It will take Santa all day and night to visit every boy and girl in the world.
# Checking it twice
Santa's head elf sends letter to Irish kids
She’s reminding them to get their letters in on time.
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Watch the North Pole turn into a lake
Warmer than usual sea temperatures have turned the North Pole into a shallow, very cold, lake.
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And he's off! Santa has left the North Pole
He’ll be hitting this part of the world in just over 12 hours, but there’s a lot of work to do between now and then…
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23 unbearably cute letters to Santa from children
“One billion dollars.” Kids these days think big.
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So, we got an email from Santa...
Have you got a smallie in your life? Quick! Santa has a message for them.
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The Daily Fix: Monday
All today’s biggest news stories plus some extras you may have missed along the way…
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Irish North Pole duo forced to turn back after facing €120k bill
The team said they would face a bill of between €120,000 and €180,000 to continue after their plan to share charter logistics with other teams fell apart.
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Santa sets off on 33-hour marathon journey
There’s a few billion children to get presents to, so Santa’s setting off in good time and starting with a trip to New Zealand.