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ABSOLUT Fringe 2011

Nutshell review: The Flamboyant Bird

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Today’s review:

The Flamboyant Bird

(Damian Kearney)

Luke Griffen’s review: Starting out as a trip down memory lane, Terry (Damian Kearney) is 10 and his best friend Andy and younger brother Martin are fishing in Cork.  They sit bored on the banks, eating cheese sandwiches, waiting for ‘manky trout’ to make an appearance. But rather than continuing down the clichéd nostalgic route of Bazooka Joes and Club Oranges, the tale unexpectedly jumps forward 10 years, when Martin brings home his first girlfriend and Terry, painting up a stepladder, almost topples over on top of her with surprise.

What follows is a tale of lust and betrayal, with tension rising as Terry slowly walks to the pub to confront his brother. Interspersed with songs on guitar and narration from Helen Norton (some of which I found  obscure), the play was very enjoyable, but it could do with some fine tuning.

In three words? Gripping. Comical. Lyrical.

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