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ABSOLUT Fringe 2011

Nutshell review: Whenever I get blown up, I think of you

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Today’s review:

Whenever I get blown up I think of you

(Molly Naylor)

Avril Meehan’s review: Molly Naylor’s one-woman performance piece is an immersive exploration of her experience of a national tragedy and how a single incident has the power to irrevocably alter a person’s perspective on life. After discarding the perceived constraints of her rural hometown, Naylor’s lyrical prose sketches scenes of youthful abandon and hedonistic  living in London until the world as she knows it is quite literally blown apart by the 7/7 terrorist attack.

As she attempts to find reason and meaning in the most senseless of events, Naylor’s beautifully poetic narrative becomes a frank and honest introspective account of this young woman’s struggle to move on from the disaster. The tone always remains light-hearted, with Naylor’s quick-witted observations lifting what could have easily become a sombre tale.

Moving smoothly between a conversational engagement with the audience and more abstract rhythmical prose it is impossible not to be swept up by Naylor’s vivid descriptions and the warmth and familiarly which she exudes. Compelling and engaging, Whenever I Get Blown Up… did not disappoint.

In three words? Captivating. Introspective. Musical.

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