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13th June 2024
Opinion: Comedians meeting Pope Francis - is this comedy washing?
Simon Tierney
Elections 2024: We know how the candidates fared but how did the media do?
Steve Dempsey
This week
9th June 2024 - 14th June 2024
Dog behaviourist: What should you do if a dog gets aggressive?
Suzi Walsh
Elections 2024: General election polls are poor predictors of local elections – here’s why
Stefan Müller
Beheadings, porn, abuse and anxiety: A teacher talks to his students about their smartphone use
Eoghan Cleary
Analysis: Sinn Féin in this election were like Fianna Fáil in 2020 - no new ideas or energy
Johnny Fallon
Healing through art: How creativity can counteract isolation in chronically ill children
Helene Hugel
Last week
2nd June 2024 - 8th June 2024
Parenting: 'I can still vividly remember the stress, tears and dread of my Leaving Cert'
Margaret Lynch
Do you agree with our Ireland team to face Portugal?
Elections 2024: The seeds of an Irish 'Stop the Steal' campaign are being sown
Ciarán O’Connor
Reeling in the Queers: Ireland's censorship - official and unofficial - of sex had a huge impact
Páraic Kerrigan
Extract: While researching something else, I came across Brian Friel's story - I was fascinated
Kelly Matthews
India elections: The shock results show Modi is no longer as popular as he thought he was
Priyanka Borpujari
Tuairim: 'Táim ag súil go mbeidh na hiarrthóirí rathúil ag labhairt Gaeilge i bParlaimint na hEorpa'
Síomha Ní Ruairc
Player ratings: How the Boys in Green fared against Hungary
Author: 'Finding out I was going to be one of the people to lose sight was a huge shock'
Ann Ingle
Do you agree with our Ireland team to face Hungary?
Therapist: Are you burning out? Here are the signs to watch out for...
Linda Breathnach
Money Diaries: An engineer on €45K in Limerick juggling work, sport and helping on the farm reader
Opinion: Turn empty houses into homes - there is no more time for excuses
Leigh Brosnan
This month
June 2024
RFK Jr is demanding a place on stage alongside Trump and Biden - he may have a point
Larry Donnelly
Travels: 'Parts of Mexico are like the Gaeltacht with sunshine and tacos'
Peter Flanagan
Last month
May 2024
Is Damien Duff truly hated?
Opinion: Repurposing Mountjoy's Progression Unit - a short-term solution to a long-term problem
Lynn Ruane
Public transport: 'The feeling is that those with money to spend will only come to town by car'
Andrea Horan
Opinion: The Irish Government must now push against the flow of arms to Israel
Alice-Mary Higgins
Dog behaviourist: 'Puppy yoga is a bad idea, nothing about it is ever good for the dogs'
Suzi Walsh
The Palestine Question: Should recognition come before or after peace?
Dr Gëzim Visoka
Opinion: Ireland needs helicopter emergency medicine - it’s the difference between life and death
Dr Brian Burns
Parenting: 'Our sex ed class was delivered by a local church member — she was a disaster'
Margaret Lynch
Opinion: On the Repeal anniversary, remember the right to abortion is being eroded globally
Orla O'Connor
Illustrator: Keep AI out of your programmes, GAA — you're supposed to be the good guys
Barry Masterson
Opinion: Ireland’s recognition of Palestine is welcome, but it must be followed by real action
Jamil Sawalmeh & Karol Balfe
Georgia unrest: 'The Kremlin is relishing the falling out between the ruling party and the EU'
Donnacha Ó Beacháin
European Elections: Northern Ireland deserves a seat at the table in Europe – it is unique
Emma DeSouza
Analysis: Biden may be slipping, but here's what he should do to win...
Larry Donnelly
Opinion: Child-free restaurants? That's just insulting, we were all kids once
Niamh O'Reilly
My story: 'When you become chronically ill, you quickly learn that health is everything'
Sarah O'Connor
Analysis: Dublin and Monaghan were bombed 50 years ago - now is the time to uncover the truth
John O'Brien
Opinion: Allowing prisoners to vote is a symbolic indication that they remain citizens
Dr Cormac Behan